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Are you brave enough for extreme … grout?

When homeowners begin a bathroom renovation, one of the details they spend the most time and effort considering is the tile. After all, the tile in your bathroom often sets the stage for the room’s overall look and feel. You want it to be the right colour, size, shape and lustre. But when was the last time you thought about grout? Probably never. Right?

Well, what if we were to tell you that your choice of grout doesn’t have to be a white, off white or gray? What about … extreme grout!?

Of course, for most homeowners, the standard neutrals are the perfect choice. However, for those who venture a bit more to the adventurous side of life, one of these unexpected grout options just might be the thing to give their bathroom or kitchen remodel the personality it has been craving. Here are some of the more unexpected grout options available to homeowner today:


Coloured Grout

extreme grout

Source: Grout360

Tile grout can be found in a wide spectrum of colours, from lightly-tinted neutrals to primary colours, and a lot of designers are welcoming the change. In fact, some design pros are calling colorful grout one of the next big things in interior design.

Metallic Grout

extreme grout


If you want something different, but coloured grout seems just a bit too extreme, perhaps metallic grout may be the change you’re looking for. This type of grout can be used with metallic and non-metallic tile to create a dramatic, upscale look that stands out without calling too much attention to itself.  We’ve seen a few very well done, luxe applications of gold grout paired with white tile that make it easy to see why this look appeals to some.

Glitter Grout

extreme grout

Source: HGTV

That’s right, glitter! If you’ve ever wanted to give your master bath the full diva treatment, then it might be time to add a little sparkle to those spaces between the tiles. While glitter grout may initially sound like arts and crafts gone bad, when done well, with the right tiles, and in the right context, the results can be quite stunning.

Glitter grout comes in two different forms: pre-mixed and as an additive.

Glow in the Dark Grout

extreme grout

Source: Laticrete

If you’ve ever wanted to make your bathroom look like something straight out of Tron, then glow in the dark grout is probably your dream come true. The glow effect is achieved by adding a photoluminescent additive to your grout. The additive does not alter the original grout colour by much; however, after exposure to natural light, when the room is darkened, the grout will take on a bluish glow.

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