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Armor All provides tips to ready your home for spring

Our war with winter is over, but there’s one last battle to fight: stubborn winter build-up.

It’s the same story every year – winter beats down on your doorstep and suddenly it’s like you’re living in the trenches. In more ways than one, the dirt and drudgery of the season infiltrate your home and set up camp. Come spring, your windows are a little less bright, your carpets a lot less white and the severe lack of fresh air has made your home stuffy and stale.

Here are a few tips from Armor All to help you fight the good fight. Choose your weapon:

  • Leather wipes. With the household cooped up all winter, your couch can really take a beating. Leather wipes for your car seats and interior trim work exceptionally well on leather furniture, like cleaning and conditioning your sofa, love seat or easy chair to restore and preserve its original luxurious look. Just make sure you get all the nacho crumbs, or they will be back, and in greater numbers.  Also, great to revive leather gloves and purses after a winter full of salt.

  • Glass cleaner. Rain, sleet, hail or snow, automotive glass cleaner is specially designed to clean your car windows no matter what Mother Nature throws at them. It’s no wonder it also packs a punch against indoor glass grime – whether you’ve got cloudy kitchen windows or enough fingerprints on your glass tabletops to qualify for an episode of CSI. This heavy-duty tool is a must for any spring cleaning arsenal.

  • Carpet cleaner.Don’t be fooled – the dirt visible on your carpet is just the tip of the iceberg! When you consider 85 per cent of the dirt your carpet holds is buried deep within the fibres, you’re going to want to call for reinforcements. An automotive carpet cleaner uses oxygen action to power through tough stains and penetrate deep into the carpet to break up tough, ground-in dirt. Vanquish odours, bacteria and stains in one fell swoop. Also, great for getting salt stains out of door mats.

  • Backyard prep.It’s always a good idea to take the fight outside. Melting snow is a great thing, but it leaves behind some nasty dirt, dust and grime. A powerful all-purpose cleaner that keeps your car in showroom shape will also cut through all of that winter residue on your patio furniture and get it ready for your backyard entertaining. And no doubt your motorized yard tools — lawnmower, weed trimmer, chainsaw and the like — have been sitting idle for months. Boost their performance and protect the small engine with a specialized treatment.  Armor All Protectant is also great to refresh and protect your patio furniture.

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