Holly Attfield


Holly Attfield is an architectural technologist and project manager with Ontario Screen Systems Inc., Ontario’s distributor of Phantom Screens.

Articles By This Author

Bringing the Outoors In
Great new ways to Maximize your Outdoor Spaces and Keep Insects Out!  Enjoy the Outdoors Outdoor living has become the norm in today’s home design. Seamlessly blending outdoor and indoor spaces allows homeowners to maximize time spent in the fresh, outdoor air while still enjoying the conveniences their home has to offer. (more…)
- June 14, 2017

Phantom Screens | See the fall breeze differently
Autumn brings the beauty of falling leaves in an earthy collection of colours, but it also brings wasps, hornets, mosquitoes and ladybugs. Did you know that autumn is the perfect time of year to keep flying pests out of your home with retractable screens? Stephen Attfield, General Manager, of Phantom Screens spoke to eieihome about the benefits of a professional installed retractable screen.  (more…)
- August 29, 2014

Phantom Screens: Making your backyard an oasis
The simplest and most wonderful way to enjoy summer to the fullest is to make the exterior of your home as inviting and functional as the interior.  Your backyard is more than a utilitarian space for planting flowers and letting the dog run around; it’s the key to more summer entertainment.   (more…)
- June 26, 2014

Phantom Screens: More than Just Insect Mesh
Homeowners put a great deal of thought, money and effort into selecting the doors and windows for their homes, yet often don’t give screening these openings a second thought!  Sunlight and fresh air are two of the most important building blocks of life, and letting them into a residence is both pleasing and healthy.  This makes selecting screens an important home design consideration. (more…)
- March 7, 2014