Marika Asikainen


I am a writer obsessed with all things home decor, design and improvement related. If it's trending, eco-friendly or just too cool I want to know about it.

Articles By This Author

How to Find an Emergency Toronto Plumber
We've all been guilty of turning a blind eye to the occasional issue in our home, but one home repair that can't be ignored is a plumbing emergency. The emergency Toronto plumber you choose profoundly affects whether the problem is quickly and expediently solved or causes long-lasting damage to your home. Keep reading to see how these 5 common plumbing emergencies can lead to disaster if not treated promptly. (more…)
- October 10, 2014

Keep the Peace, build a fence
Your yard and home exterior are just as important as the interior of your home. While you have likely given some thought to things like landscaping and layout, you might not have given much thought to fencing. Fences can be valuable additions to your home, and can even help ensure that you continue to get along with your neighbours. Why is this? (more…)
- August 22, 2014

7 Tips to Summer Cottage Perfection
Your summer cottage should serve two main purposes: relaxation and family time. No formal decor allowed -- you want furniture and fixings that make it feel like a vacation. From vintage and bright to simple and modern, there are several directions you can take your interior design. Whichever route you choose, keep these interior design basics in mind to create a space worthy of being your private getaway. (more…)
- August 22, 2014

General Contractors – Saving More Money than DIYs
Any major renovation to your home will certainly represent a considerable cost to you. You will have to pay for materials and supplies, as well as for labour from the professionals that you hire. Many homeowners feel that not hiring a general contractor will save them money. This is a mistake – while you might save a few dollars here and there, chances are good that it will cost you more in other ways. What might you encounter here? (more…)
- July 23, 2014

Alykhan Velji Design

Who is Alykhan Velji?

I started my design firm 10 years ago. In the beginning my company worked solely on residential décor projects. We have since expanded into a company that not only does residential design, but also commercial projects, styling for magazine shoots, writing for different publications, and working across North America and Europe. There are 3 designers with the company now. We strive to make sure that all of our interiors incorporate current design trends and, at the same time, are also kept timeless. (more…)
- June 27, 2014