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Backyard DIY Must-trys

The season of enjoying our backyards is among us. Instead of heading out to the local hot spot, create your very own backyard oasis with these fun and inventive DIY projects.

Build Your Own Games

backyard DIYs

Source: Momtastic

Whether you are looking to create some games for your kids or you’re simply a kid at heart, these life-sized childhood games are perfect for an afternoon in the backyard.


Jenga is a childhood classic and building your own life-sized version is fun and easy. Follow this step-by-step guide to create your own and then paint it or keep it plain. To spice things up, turn it into truth-or-dare jenga – a great way to turn a childhood classic into a fun adult version.


There’s nothing more fun than yelling “YAHTZEE” from the top of your lungs on a warm spring day. When you build your own life-size yahtzee dice, this is beyond a possibility. Follow a step-by-step guide to create your own yahtzee dice and then roll them across the grass in utter happiness.


If you have a slab of pavement in your backyard, you can easily create your own hopscotch pad with sidewalk chalk, but you can also source small concrete slabs, paint them and then place them in an area in your backyard for you and your children to enjoy them. This classic playground game never gets old.

Create Cozy Spaces

backyard DIY

Source: Momtastic

As Canadians we love to take full advantage of our outdoor spaces in the warmer weather. By creating cozy spots on our patios and back decks, we can enjoy these areas well into the evening. Use these decorating ideas to create a warm and inviting backyard.

Hang a Hammock

If you have two trees in your backyard that are close enough to hang a hammock, create a beautiful oasis and hang solar twinkle lights to design the perfect evening escape. On the other hand, if you don’t have the trees to hang the hammock, don’t estate to use posts. Measure correctly and continue as you would normally.

Bring the Theatre to You

Bring the movie theatre to you by building your own outdoor movie theatre – it’s so much easier than you’d think. If you have a movie projector, a media player (laptop) and a bed sheet, you’re basically ready to go. Set up cozy seating, a selection of movie snacks and you’ve officially planned the perfect movie night.

Do-It-Yourself Lanterns

From wine bottle torches to tin can lanterns, there are so many creative backyard lighting ideas to create a fun and relaxing environment for you and your family and friends. Take a look at these fun ideas from Buzzfeed to get you inspired.

Unique Planter Ideas

backyard DIY

Source: Gardanoholic

If you’re an avid gardener, creating unique planter ideas for your yard is a fun way to show off your blossoming beauties. Use household items and let your creative juices flow, but for some inspiration, we’ve already found some ideas to help get you started.

Ladder Garden

You can do so much with a refurbished ladder. If you are an antique-r, finding an old ladder isn’t a difficult task. Place small terra cotta planters on the steps and let the vines cascade around the rungs. A ladder garden is perfect for presenting your fresh herbs.

Cinder Block Planters

The classic, old-fashioned cinder block can be refurbished into a variety of different things but the easiest option of them all is a cinder block planter. Paint your cinder blocks a fun colour; fill them with dirt and your preferred flowers or succulents. You’ll be shocked how great they look.

Pallet Displays

A shipping pallet is another material that is easy to find if you search for it. It’s also a material that people love to use and restore into other pieces. Once you find your pallet, use hooks and terra cotta pots to create a beautiful display of your plants.

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