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Baroque Country Chic: French Provencal Home Décor

When you think of French Provencal home décor, what do you think of? The French style has been popular for hundreds of years, becoming popular in the time of Marie Antoinette, who used the style to decorate her country home-away-from-home, the Petit Trianon. There, she decorated small rooms with elegant furniture and pastel colour stories, creating a relaxing environment in which to unwind and raise her family.

Nowadays, French Provencal is popular simply because it can turn an everyday space into a place to entertain and to relax. Many people choose this décor style because it’s easy to implement. You only need a few strategic pieces to create your own French country-chic in any room of your home.

History of French Provencal Home Decor

French Provencal design harkens back to golden farmhouses, rich vineyards and the rolling fields of the South of France. But the style works because it marries the elegance of ornate furniture, such as Louis XIV style, with the organic elements of nature, and it’s evolved over time. Many rooms in French palaces used plaster and paint to create whimsical celestial ceilings and murals to complete the look. As well, using strategically placed mirrors amplified and manipulated light to play up the relaxing colour schemes and comfortable, yet elegant furniture that makes up this style.

Photo Courtesy of French Market Collection

Five Ways to Use French Provencal in your Home Decor

Obviously, homes today don’t have the space that the palace of Versailles had, but you can use this style to refresh a living room or kitchen with ease.

1      Using quintessentially French accessories:

Using toile, lace, glass and pottery can help you decorate in Provencal style on a budget. Creating a tablescape using these design elements can bring a little French country into any décor style.

2      Creating a charmingly cluttered feel in kitchens and living rooms:

Provencal design is all about comfort and ease. Kitchens should have items in plain sight and easy reach, and living rooms should have books close at hand, ready to relax. You can still keep organization key, however, by utilizing hooks and open shelving. Adding a few antique items such as copper kitchen pieces as wall art can also create a Provincial feel.

3      Using farm-style chic décor:

Add some animal figurines, motifs or even decals to the walls in kitchens or front entranceways. Interesting design elements, such as rooster figurines or a flowery wallpaper, is very French and creates a cheerful and relaxing atmosphere.

4      Create relaxing colour stories:

Using muted paint colours such as butter yellow and soft green can add a natural feel to rooms, and using the royal sky blue in living rooms, coupled with ivory or white accents, is the perfect way to add Provencal style without going all out. These colour schemes work well with most décor, so you don’t have to marry yourself to the style completely to inject a bit of French country into your home.

5      Using patterns:

Mismatched patterns are becoming popular, and like any country style, layering patterns and textiles can create a comforting and inviting atmosphere without making rooms too busy. Just ensure that the patterns you choose work well with one another to avoid ugly clashes.

Photo Courtesy of French Market Collection   

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By Elizabeth Hawksworth

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