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Leave insulation installation to the experts

Want to keep your home warm this winter? Adding more insulation can do the trick. But making this your next weekend project might not! We spoke to Alex Schuts of Insta-Insulation about why an insulation project is NOT a DIY job.

Insulation placement is key

Insulation cannot simply be placed inside a wall cavity without any thought on how it’s going to function, says Schuts. “A contractor knows current codes for insulation, as well as what the intention of the code is,” he explains. “They will be able to identify what the code requirements are and if the insulation specified is appropriate for that particular installation.”

An insulation expert must maintain the integrity of the building from an air barrier standpoint – a system of materials designed to control airflow between conditioned and unconditioned spaces.

“Homeowners may not understand air barriers,” states Schuts, adding the air barrier should be 100 per cent continuous across the building. “It’s very difficult to achieve. We specialize in insulation and know how to maintain that continuity.”

“We’re in the business of insulation,” says Schuts of Insta-Insulation. “Our professional livelihood lies in this industry.”

insta insulation

You must use the right materials the right way

Although big box improvement stores sell insulation, that doesn’t mean homeowners are purchasing the right insulation.

Schuts says 75 per cent of his business is fixing mistakes associated with improper insulation installation.

“Jobs that aren’t completed with the right materials, or a high performance product, don’t have a proper air barrier or vapour barrier,” he says. As a result, a home could experience condensation, and mould can grow inside the wall cavities.

“It can also lead to premature building component failures,” warns Schuts of DIY insulation installation.

Insulation experts use the right gear

The insulation process requires an installer to wear appropriate attire. “A simple dust mask might be suitable for one insulation material, but not for others,” says Schuts. Spray foam in a can was developed for homeowner use, but the formula can be hazardous to the person working with the material, especially if they’re not wearing the right protective gear.

Schuts recently saw an advertisement for a spray foam sealer that requires homeowners leave the house for three hours after using the product. Insta-Insulation uses the same product and requires homeowners to leave the premises for up to 24 hours, says Schuts. “It’s the exact same product.” This discrepancy is another reason why homeowners should leave this job to experienced experts.


Insulation experts are trained

The installers at Insta-Insulation use the right materials for a project and are equipped to handle them. That’s because they receive special training and receive once they have completed many hours of school.

“Homeowners aren’t trained to do this properly,” he says.

To reduce the risk of injuring yourself or harming your home, hire the experts at Insta-Insulation for your insulation needs. Visit their profile on our website for more informative articles, and watch videos that will educate you on the importance of hiring an insulation expert!

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