Need a bathroom solution? This renovator can give you a beautiful, affordable bathroom in under two days

Home renovations are often an unwanted necessity. While they may provide a good ROI, they also involve turning a home upside down until the transformation is complete. Bath Solutions of Toronto provides clients with fast, high-quality bathroom renovations, often completed in less than two days.

We spoke to Saul Berlin, the owner of Bath Solutions of Toronto East, about how Bath Solutions can perform such seamless bathroom renovation experiences in such a short period of time – and for over 19 years.

Why Bath Solutions?

What sets Bath Solutions apart from other renovation companies? The franchise bathroom renovation operation has offices across the country and each office is owned by a qualified renovator that specializes in bathroom renovations only.

“If I want to renovate a bathroom, I want a bathroom specialist company rather than a jack of all trades,” says Saul.

“We will do literally anything and everything inside the bathroom environment. That’s all we do. We have seen thousands of bathrooms and have the ability to be able to understand conceptually what can and can’t be done.”

The company’s specialty is acrylic wall panels. They come in hundreds of colours and pattern combinations.

“But if a client wants ceramic tile, we will do ceramic,” he says, adding that over 90 per cent of his clients wind up choosing the acrylic option.

“Acrylic is a great product. It has the look of tile or marble, is easy to maintain, eliminates the cleaning and mould issues common to tile and comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s a high-end, beautiful looking product, not the cheap, white, flimsy panels that most people are used to”


What do you think of these looks?

The experts behind Bath Solutions Toronto

Saul Berlin (Toronto East) and Tony Ryabokon (Toronto West) each bring previous renovation experience to the industry.

“I’m a professional engineer (Civil) and have been doing construction most of my life,” says Saul, adding that he also specializes in renovations that make homes accessible for those with disabilities.

Saul ran the Independent Living Program across Canada for Home Depot and had the opportunity to join Bath Solutions after Home Depot eliminated the program.

“Bath Solutions head office came to me with an open territory in Toronto and it seemed to be a good fit with my existing business,” he says.

Tony Ryabokon was working as a window and door contractor prior to joining the Bath Solutions team.

“I wanted to progress to the next level in business that involves everything, not just window installations,” he says.

For Tony, that next level involved being able to interact with homeowners as opposed to just doing manual labour.

The Bath Solutions operation process gives both Tony and Saul that opportunity.

Now these bathroom experts are transforming bathrooms one house at a time.

Now these bathroom experts are transforming bathrooms one house at a time.

The Consultation Process

When a customer calls Bath Solutions, the call goes to the Bath Solutions appointment center which is staffed 7 days a week. When a customer’s postal code is recorded, the center knows exactly which Bath Solutions franchise the consultation belongs to.

“The center has the estimator’s calendar live in front of them and can book an appointment on the spot,” Saul explains. “The client simply picks the date and time that is convenient for them.”

This information shows up immediately on the estimator’s phone and computer.

When attending a consultation, the focus is on needs assessment and finding a solution that matches the customers’ expectations and budget. Saul (and other franchise estimators) brings a laptop computer to the meeting to go over the details of the bathroom renovation. The laptop includes an online catalogue of bathtubs, faucets and other bathroom fixtures needed complete the renovation.

“We build the estimate right in front of the client,” Saul says. “When we are done, the client has a complete quote with all the details. If they want to proceed, we can print or email it on the spot for them, take a deposit and book the order.”


How does a renovation take less than two days?

A tub-to-tub or tub-to-shower conversion, including new faucets and a tub or shower door is typically done in a day and a half max.

“We have a fully-equipped truck that comes onto site with everything needed to do that particular bathroom renovation. We will not begin a job until we have all the materials in our warehouse. That allows us to start and finish the job without interruption. We don’t want our installer wasting time rushing off to Home Depot to pick up a fitting,” says Saul

Once the renovation is complete, Bath Solutions will take away all of the garbage and debris and clean the bathroom so it’s ready for the client to use.

“We’re bathroom specialists – we’re very efficient at what we do.”

Imagine having a bathroom like this in two days!

Imagine having a bathroom like this in two days!

Microban increases longevity

Bath Solutions carries a line of acrylic tub liners and wall panels that are made with microban, an anti-microbial agent that inhibits mold, mildew and bacteria from growing on the tub or wall surfaces.

The microban helps keeps the wet area more hygienic between cleanings and is exclusive to Bath Solutions.

Bath Solutions can fit every budget

Bath Solutions offers a wide range of solutions to fit any budget.

“Our job is to understand what the client wants, what their budget is and help them find ways to achieve their dreams,” says Saul.

It’s all about customer service

According to BBB statistics, 70% of contractors fail to satisfy their clientele. Given that statistic, it’s not surprising that 50% of contractors are out of business within the first year of operation and 90% never make it past the five-year mark.

“We’ve been around since 1996, 19 years and counting, so we’re obviously doing something right,” says Saul.

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Is it time to renovate your bathroom? Contact Bath Solutions for a transformation. From consultation to installation, Bath Solutions will work with you (and within your budget!) to come up with a flawless design.

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