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Sharing a bathroom? The right bathroom renovations can make it easier

Makeup, skincare products, blow dryers and razors. Sharing a bathroom isn’t easy, and it often makes for a messy space. But with the right bathroom renovations and changes, you can not only use your bathroom in peace, but increase your home’s value. Read our tips, then chat with a bathroom renovation specialist to get your next project started!

Add extra storage space

When you’re sharing a bathroom with a significant other, or have your children sharing a bathroom, space is key. It’s important to arrange the bathroom so there is enough space for everyone’s belongings without taking up all the counter space. Consider installing shelves on the wall and having some products on display. When it comes to choosing a bathroom vanity, pick one that has pull-out drawers. Another idea to consider is putting baskets in your bathroom. They’re not only decorative, but act as a great place to stash your stuff!

Storage space is key when it comes to renovating your bathroom.

Storage space is key when it comes to renovating your bathroom.

Want to incorporate these stylish storage solutions in your bathroom? Search our directory for a furniture and home accessories to visit near your home. They’re great places to start looking for decorative pieces that increase storage space.

Add an extra sink

Do you find yourself getting up extra early to get ready in order to have some privacy in the bathroom? Double sinks are not only a great compromise when sharing a small space, but they’re also a key feature future home buyers are looking for in shared bathrooms.

Having two sinks in the bathroom automatically creates a separation of personal space, so you can keep your most-used products on your side of the countertop without hearing your sharing partner complain about how there’s not enough room for them! Plus, they make a bathroom look stylish.

What do you think of double sinks? Could you picture this in your bathroom?

What do you think of double sinks? Could you picture this in your bathroom?

If you’d like to transform your bathroom and have it retrofitted with two sinks, then it’s time to call a bathroom renovation specialist! We have a laundry list of them and encourage you to read through reviews to find a contractor to hire.

Build a water closet

A water closet is a fancy phrase for a room with a toilet. We know what you’re thinking – the bathroom is the place for a toilet! No, this is a separate, much smaller room located right in the bathroom and all it has is a toilet. This feature is a great way to upgrade your bathroom when you’re sharing. It enables one family member to use the toilet, while the other can use the actual bathroom – think hogging the mirror and counter space.

It’s also a useful way to be efficient – you could get ready at the same time and have all the privacy you want/need. Sounds like a win-win!

water_toiletReady to renovate your bathroom? Don’t put your handyman skills to the test. Hire a bathroom renovator!

Create a focal point in the room

No matter how hard you work to keep a shared bathroom organized, it will never be perfect. After all, you can’t chase after every person that uses the bathroom right after you! But to shift the focal point from a cluttered countertop or wall of shelving to help with organizing, consider visiting a furniture or home store to find a really great painting or mirror to add to the bathroom wall. It’s a great way to make the space – big or small, cluttered or clean – more attractive. Plus, it’ll divert both yours and any guest visitors’ attention!

If you’re not sharing a bathroom, who says you can’t do this anyway?


Maximize space

Sharing a bathroom means you need to maximize every inch of space to ensure your comfort, along with your family member’s. When renovating your bathroom, considering upgrading the existing fixtures. A wall-hung toilet is a neat fixture, one that takes up less space than a traditional toilet. Secondly, speak to a bathroom renovator about a new sink. A pedestal sink physically takes up less space, but it also makes the bathroom look bigger.


The only downside to switching from a vanity to a pedestal is less storage space. Then again, if you follow our storage tips at the beginning of the piece, you won’t have that problem!

Sharing a bathroom doesn’t have to be a nightmare when you renovate the right way! And the right way is to work with an experienced renovator who can make that happen for you. Contact one of our bathroom renovation experts. Read through reviews and scroll through several portfolios online to get some ideas. They’ll turn your bathroom renovation dream into a reality, one that will make sharing a bathroom that much easier!

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