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Bathroom Trends For 2013

Bathrooms are not just small rooms to enable washing up anymore. The amount of time people spend in bathrooms has increased substantially over the years and there is good reason behind it.

The entire image and utility of bathrooms has changed; they have now taken up the role of providing a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. People have started using their bathroom time as personal moments of peace, minus all the clutter and noise.

As a result, bathrooms are being made with more details and careful planning than ever before. Floor, lighting, water pressure and many more aspects are personally chosen for decorating and equipping the bathroom.

The importance of bathrooms has grown so much that even real estate experts advise bathroom renovations to enhance the value of your home.

Buyers are particularly demanding about the style of bathrooms while buying homes, whether you are a builder, broker or just want to revamp your own bathroom for that extra luxurious experience, here are some sure fire ways to get with the 2013 bathroom trends that are sure to please.

Shower walls with jets

Shower heads are becoming bigger and fast eating into the space of bathtubs, especially in bathrooms with smaller areas. Alongside, the shower compartments are getting more stylish and usage of heavier glass has come in use with hinged patch fittings having replaced flimsy sliders.

Multiple shower set ups and shower walls have gained popularity, as people perceive them as quasi spa alternatives.

The luxurious bathtub

Luxury has seeped into bathroom renovations like flowing water on a slope. Bathtubs have been ousted by Jacuzzis that pump in streams of fresh water for an invigorating bath experience. However, some patrons still prefer the old fashioned and much quieter bath tubs.

Don’t be mistaken as good, insulated bathtubs can be just as luxurious as their technologically advanced brother.


Dim lighting and dingy bathrooms are ghosts now. The latest bathroom trend is to fill your bathroom with as much light as possible, preferably sunlight. This can be done by installing large windows and sunroofs.

If sunlight cannot be managed, all light must be soft and diffused but in abundance. A well-lit bathroom style is inviting and provides a happy atmosphere.

State of the art ventilation

Who doesn’t want their bathroom to be well aerated with fresh air? This not only eliminates odors, but helps demist the mirrors fast and keep the overall ambiance feeling fresh.

State of the art ventilation systems are available to help your bathroom breathe easy and remain lively. They are also super quiet as motors are remotely located, nothing stops you from playing your favorite music inside.

Great anti-slip bathroom tiling

As far as aesthetic appeal of bathrooms is concerned, a major role is played by bath fittings and tiles. Fittings are available in many styles but what really works are heavy metal models; brass and brushed aluminum finishes are in vogue.

Where bathroom tiling is concerned, colors and patterns are a matter for high subjectivity but light, soothing shades are known to do the trick. Don’t forget to ask for an anti-slip coating, as that is a must for bathroom safety.

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