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What are the benefits of triple glazed windows? explains the basics of triple glazed windows and their benefits.

Window manufacturers are constantly looking for innovative ways to introduce more energy efficient windows to the Canadian marketplace. This drive to innovate is what gave homeowners high performance double pane windows, filled with gas rather than air, and Low-E coatings.

“Look for the U-value (which measures a window’s resistance to heat loss) and the SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient), which measures how much heat is allowed into your home through the glass. For both of these ratings, the lower the number the better window performance you will receive.” (Brock Doors and Windows)

The latest in replacement window innovations is the introduction of triple pane glass. Here is a look at some of the attributes of triple pane glass, and the benefits of incorporating it into your home.

What Is Triple Glazing

Before we talk specifically about triple glazing, it’s important to first understand the concept of insulated windows. Window insulation is essential in countries that are subject to significant temperature extremes, like many parts of Canada, where winters are bitter cold and summertime can be sweltering.

Window insulation helps to keep heated air in and the cold winter temperatures out. During the hotter months, these windows make your air conditioner’s work much easier, by keeping the cool air in.

Insulated windows are made of multiple layers of glass. These glass layers are separated within the window unit by a piece of metal or foam, called a spacer. This spacer creates a pocket between the two panes of glass. Window manufacturers can further insulate this pocket by filling it with an inert gas, such as argon or krypton.

For many years, the most common form of window insulation was double pane, also called double glazing. As the name suggests, this type of window is comprised of two panes of glass, separated by a single spacer.

A triple glazed window unit is made up of thee panes of glass with two spacers creating the even, airtight separation. These panes are generally filled with inert gas for added insulation.


Recently, triple glazing has begun to receive more attention, as an increasing number of households look to improve their home’s energy efficiency. In fact, any homeowner interested in meeting passive house certification standards must have high performance triple glazed windows installed.

The Benefits of Triple Glazing

Windows play a significant role in managing the overall temperature of your home, and in turn, your family’s comfort. When those windows are old, leaky, or simply not insulated, they become one of the major locations for drafts to enter your house. And drafts coming in equal money going out!

“The three panes of glass are capable of keeping more heat in and cold out, which makes them the most energy efficient glass option on the market.” (Brock Doors and Windows)

Triple glazed windows prevent any cold from radiating into the room, and also eliminate cold air pockets below the window at floor level.

In addition to improved energy efficiency, triple glazed windows are also excellent for dampening any outside noise pollution. If you have neighbours who are prone to throwing loud, backyard parties, or if you live close to a busy highway, installing triple glazed windows may be an ideal solution for your home.

For more information about triple glazing, contact your local windows and doors expert, like Brock Doors and Windows. See galleries and videos of their work on

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