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Best Ways to Battle Bed Bugs

There’s been an increase in the number of bed bug reports in the GTA, Ontario and other Canadian provinces recently. Unfortunately, bed bugs have been known to appear unexpectedly in even the cleanest of buildings, homes and hotels.

EiEiHome spoke to Paolo Bossio of Advantage Pest Control Inc., to find out the best ways to deal with an infestation without using harmful chemical treatments. The family owned business is known for its integrated bed bug heat treatments and has had conclusive results, where others have been unsuccessful in removing these insects after several spraying attempts.


Advantage Pest Control’s heat treatments include passive bed bug monitoring devices called “bed bug defenders”, explained Bossio. “We use an integrated approach with our heat treatments, which ensures complete eradications as well as prevention of reinfestation.”

Bed bugs are pesky wingless insects mostly found in bedding, mattresses, headboards and bedroom furniture. They can also be discovered in doorframes and windows by their dark droppings or small oval-shaped bodies.

Although there are currently no known causes of infectious disease transmitted to humans by bed bug bites, an infestation can leave residents with bites at night, that may become large, itchy skin welts. The only way to eliminate the biting is to eliminate the bed bugs altogether.

Bossio provided some useful tips for removal and prevention of bed bug infestations. He suggests that K-9 scent detection is the most accurate way of detecting bed bugs. Advantage Pest Control’s senior level technicians have over 20 years of experience in detection, treatment of bed bugs and pest control.

Bed bug heat treatments can limit or completely remove the need for insecticides. Heat treatments have, by far, been the most conclusive way to eliminate bed bugs in one treatment. The secondary effect of heat treatment is that other insects in the home can be eliminated as well.

In addition to locating and treating bed bug infestations with the latest methods, the company uses ‘bed bug defenders’ as well as other passive bed bug monitors for further control and observation. Estimated sales of these devices are well into the millions. “Our company alone has sold in excess of 300,000 pieces,” Bossio adds.

If you think you have bed bugs in your home, you’ll want to address the problem immediately, remove the infestation and prevent the pests from making an unwelcome return visit.

Editor, Marika Asikainen

For information on how to recognize and treat bed bugs or resolve any pest problem, call a pest control professional like Advantage Pest Control Inc., listed at

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