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Big Ideas for a Small Home Office

You might not think that you have space for a little office in your home, but you’d be wrong. With a little ingenuity and some elbow grease, you can easily get your work done and feel at home. Be more productive with these top ideas for creating a comfortable and, in some cases, portable home office. No procrastinating allowed.

Go to your room

Putting a small desk in your bedroom might give you nightmares, but if you can separate it in a very distinct way from the bed, it will double the use of the square footage. Incorporate cabinets with doors so you can shut things away come five o’clock and not have to look at them later when you’re winding down. Consider a murphy bed to allow for extra daytime space.

Check on the laundry

Squeezing a desk into the laundry room also makes great use of an under-used area. Just leave an open space under the countertop, and add in shelving above, separate from the laundry supplies. The bonus is that you will undoubtedly spruce the area up a bit, which will, in turn, add a little more style to your boring laundry life.

Whisk the workday away

For portable problem-solving, integrate a desk design wherein the surface folds up secretary-style into or against a wall. When the work’s all done, just clear the surface items into adjacent storage boxes and shut everything away. Putting a desk on wheels lets you roll it into whatever room you like for the day. Make it a drafting table and you can pivot it to vertical position come suppertime.

Multitask until mealtime

Chic little desks added to nooks in the kitchen, along a counter, just under an island countertop or in an entryway bring your workday into the busiest room in the house. These little alcoves can also be used as multi-nooks, utilized for craft projects on the weekend or for homework space after school—and the fridge will never be very far away.

Hide in plain sight

If you have the opportunity, consider creating a home office under a stairwell, inside an unnecessary closet or up in the attic away from all distractions. This idea requires a bit more custom-made cramming, but the effort will be worth it. Think outside the box and see if you can craft a corner out of an area that’s not living up to—or has outlived—its use.

Add all the trimmings

Once you’ve landed on your best idea, take the time to align the right props. Keep only the essentials out in the open, concealing other things in simple boxes, cupboards or drawer systems. Decorate to make it chic; a place you’ll enjoy spending time in. Make it beautiful with plants, bright colours, treasured photos, proper lighting, and an inspiration board to assist with your next big idea.

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