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Build your dream home with Dupont Custom Homes

Personal taste and needs differ with every person, which is why it may be difficult for a homeowner to find a house that suits their needs and wants. But having a home custom built specifically for you will ensure your desires are met under one roof. Dupont Custom Homes is dedicated to providing clients with their dream home that’s ready to move in upon completion.

Vazken Nakhnikian of Dupont Custom Homes spoke to us about how this turnkey business transforms an empty piece of land into a house his clients can call home.

Vazken began working in the construction industry over 14 years ago and decided to take his expertise to the next level by opening Dupont Custom Homes in 2007, which gave him the opportunity to focus on home building full-time.

“We build from the ground-up,” he says of the business. “We do everything from design to build, [provide] interior decorative ideas and we make it ready for the homeowner to just move in.”

Dupont has developed trusted relationships with the sub-contractors they work alongside to build clients’ dream homes.

“I’ve been working with them for the last 8, 9 years,” says Vazken. “We’re a team and we know of each other’s expectations. When I give them a job, they know what I expect for that particular job.”


The Planning Process

While clients have ideas of what they want in their new home, it’s up to Vazken and his team to ensure that the land they’re hoping to build on is a suitable site for the project.

Picking the right piece of land begins with the homeowner. Once they decide what neighbourhood they want to live in, Vazken will determine if it’s a viable property. “We give our opinion on if the property is complicated, too costly to build on,” he says.

With regards to a current build Dupont is working on, Vazken said the clients consulted with him to ask if the property was buildable based on their home requirements. “Two properties they looked at, we told them it may be complicated,” he says. “Homeowners look at it emotionally, but we look at it from a professional construction point of view.”

Once a property has been vetted from a zoning standpoint, Vazken says he meets with clients to discuss layout ideas and tap into their vision for their home.

“We start with preliminary drawings,” he says. “Once approved, we finalize and submit for permits.”

It can take up to three months to obtain building permits.

This is what a set of plans looks like, constructed by Dupont Custom Homes.

This is what a set of plans looks like, constructed by Dupont Custom Homes.

The Building Process

The beginning stages of a custom home – the construction period – is one that requires the least amount of attention from homeowners, says Vazken. That’s because the building is done by code and there isn’t a lot of room to make changes.

The fun begins when clients have an opportunity to pick out paint colours, flooring and other options that will enhance their home based on their personal tastes.

Vazken says he will provide his professional opinion on what will and won’t work.

“It’s their taste in the house,” he says. “It’s custom, so they customize to what their needs are.”

When it comes to choosing materials that will complete the house, Vazken will direct clients to the companies they work with on a regular basis, where they can select from a wide variety of choices available.

“We do that because we guarantee the products that our designated sources sell,” says Vazken. “We put it together nicely as per the customer’s tastes.”

dupont building

Timeline and Dollarsdupont 1

The time it takes to build a custom home from the ground ups takes roughly 8 to 9 months, says Vazken. That’s after the building permits have been issued.

“It’s almost a year from applying for permits to move-in time.”

The time frame also depends on how big the home is. This timeline is an average for homes between 3,000 and 4,000 square feet.

As for price, clients should expect to spend – on average – $200 per square feet.

After one year of waiting, picking out fixtures, paint colours and more, clients will have a fully-built custom home built and designed with the clients’ needs in mind.

Why Dupont Custom Homes

Building a home requires attention to detail, flexibility and focus.

“We have a hands-on approach to the project,” says Vazken. “We stick to one or two [projects at a time] to be personally involved in it.”

Dupont Custom Homes wants the process of building a home to be an enjoyable and stress-free experience for clients.

“We try to make it as smooth as possible,” he says. “We’re very much accessible. If a homeowner calls, we’re there; we check the progress and process of the work.”

As for picking out those beautiful materials that make up a home, it’s not the client’s responsibility to pick up the material, or run around chasing down choices.

“For a homeowner, it is one-stop shopping that comes from Dupont Custom Homes,” he says. “Clients don’t have to look for their own resources. We do an A to Z turnkey operation.”

dupont custom home finish

Dupont Custom Homes will design and build you a house you can call home once the home building process is done. After all, it’s their motto: Your house will be your home.

Are you struggling to find your dream home in the real estate market? Consider building your dream home with Dupont Custom Homes. Visit their profile on our website for more information. They’ll transform your ideas into reality.

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