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Renovation Decisions: To Demolish or Add On?

There are many big decisions that you can be faced with during the course of a renovation or home improvements project, but one of the biggest will be the choice of whether to demolish or add on to your home. Which is the best option? How can you determine what the best renovation path is to follow for you?

What Do You Hope to Achieve with Your Renovation?

The process starts with determining exactly what you want to achieve. Many people feel the need to change their home, that there is a better way for the home to be laid out. Perhaps you want to incorporate other rooms, or maybe you want a more open floor plan. Demolishing walls within your home can accomplish this, but if it does not actually increase your usable space, then you are not actually gaining anything.

For instance, you might demolish a wall between the living room and a spare bedroom so that you can create a reading area or something else. However, you have just taken away a bedroom, which could pose a problem if you have guests that stay over, such as your in-laws or friends. Of course, if you have another spare bedroom, this might not be a problem.

The choice to demolish or create a home addition hinges on what you want to achieve and whether it would be better done through construction or destruction. The layout of your home is another consideration. For example, in the above scenario, would it be feasible to add on to the living room and create the same type of space, rather than losing a bedroom? Many homes are constructed in a way that additions can only be made in certain areas – these might not match up to the areas that you want to change.

Work with a Skilled Contractor

While you can arrive at an answer to the demolition and home addition question on your own, the best course of action is to work with a licensed, qualified contractor. A professional will be able to address your questions, offer alternatives and even find issues with your ideas of which you might not be aware. Working with a skilled demolition or home addition contractor is the best way to achieve a remodel that really suits your needs, whether you want more room for a growing family or simply want more usable space for other needs, such as a home office or a workroom.

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