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Building Up Vs Building Out

Should you build up or should you build out? If there was a home renovation gameshow, this would be the million dollar question.

But what’s the right answer? spoke to Bole Cirovic of Modular Home Additions, one of the GTA’s leaders in home renovation service, in order to find out.

Here’s what Cirovic had to say about the areas of advantage when building up over building out:

Zoning Laws: “ Building up offers you the advantage of greatly increasing your liveable space without extending your lot coverage” Cirovic explains. These laws dictate the area on your property that you are legally allowed to build and are governed by your municipality.  In the city of Toronto, applying for a zoning permit  with the committee of adjustments could take up to six months.

Spatial Concerns: “ Most properties in the city of Toronto can’t be extended without giving something up.” Cirovic explains. Everybody knows that space is tight in the city and if you are looking to build out, it may come down to a decision between your backyard and your home addition.

Time and Money: “Building up relies on the structure you already have whereas building out will often involve a much greater expense to get project off the ground.” Cirovic explains. When you build out, you have to build foundation and dig and pour concrete which costs a lot more time and money. Building out is also complicated by weather concerns. It becomes harder, more time consuming and more expensive to dig and pour concrete in the winter months.

Design: “ When you build up, you have the opportunity to completely change the look and feel of your home.” Cirovic explains. While building out tends not to truly change the look or feel of a home, building up offers the opportunity to completely change the design, including the shape of the roof, which is an increasingly popular choice in modern home renovation.

If You Go Up, Go Up With Modular

Building up, for the most part, has the potential to be a cleaner, easier job.

Modular home additions unique approach involves pre-built structural components that can be quickly installed 365 days a year, often within three days.

Before requiring any contract to be signed, they will send out a geotechnical and structural engineer to ensure your home is capable to carry an addition, and that they can provide you with an honest, accurate quote for the work being done.

Best of all? You can live in the house while they work.

With over 1000 projects completed in the GTA, Modular home Additions are the reputable, reliable choice for a high quality home renovation.

If want to learn more about their unique approach and service, you can reach out to them via the contractor directory here on  or visit

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