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What can a metal roof do for you and your home?

Spring is a time of change, in the weather, in the flowers, and maybe even on the roof of your home. The installation of metal roofing is becoming an increasingly popular home trend in Ontario. In order to learn more about its benefits, spoke with Max Guerra of New Steel Roofers, an Ontario leader in metal roof contracting. If you are new to metal roofing or unsure of what it can do for you and your home, now is your chance to get caught up.

Greater longevity and durability

Metal roofs have several advantages over conventional asphalt. “They are exceptionally quick to install, they last eight to nine times longer than typical shingle roofing and they are known to be extremely resilient against a variety of weather conditions, including wind and cold.” says Guerra. New Steel Roofers also offer a 50-year limited warranty with all steel roof installations, which reflects their confidence in the product.

Better for the environment

“Steel roofing is better for the environment, especially if you opt for a high albedo metal roof,” Guerra says. Certain metal roof varieties are known as high albedo, or cool roofs, for their enhanced ability to reflect sunlight. This means that less heat is absorbed by your roof and this has important implications for roof longevity, the environment and for personal cost savings.

Better for your wallet

“A standard metal roof will result in about 25% home energy savings but a high albedo cool roof will take that number closer to 40-50%” says Guerra. High albedo metal roofing significantly reduces the cost of cooling your home and helps reduce cooling costs city-wide. For this reason, the city of Toronto has introduced the Eco-Roof incentive program for the installation of these “cool roofs”, which also help combat climate change. Due to stringent standards, not many roofing products on the market currently qualify, but New Steel Roofers have several options that do.

The good news for homeowners is that New Steel Roofers will carry out the rebate application for you and tell you exactly how much you can save before you sign on for installation.

If installing a metal roof is something you’re interested in, you can learn more about the product and get in touch with New Steel Roofers via our listings here at eieihome. Their experts will be able to provide you further details into metal and high albedo roofing, the Eco-Roof incentive program and the variety of options and colours available to you.

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