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How can you tell a reputable duct cleaning company from a scam?

Duct cleaning is a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of home maintenance. Because it often flies under the radar, it is not uncommon for homeowners to fall victim to unscrupulous business practices when it comes to the promotion of uncertified duct cleaning services. In fact, duct cleaning service scams are actually among the more common home maintenance scams, and it really just comes down to a lack of homeowner awareness. With this in mind, sat down with Stanley Santos of Dave’s Duct Cleaning to discuss how  you can determine whether or not your duct cleaner is as reputable as they claim to be.

  1. Do they cold call? “In my experience the majority of reputable duct cleaning services do not rely on cold calling.” Stanley explains. Many of these calls prey on under informed home owners and may turn into bait and switch scams.
  2. Do they provide proof of work? “We pride ourselves on our collection of before and after photos, which offer a quantifiable account of the work we have done” Stanley explains. When it comes to duct cleaning, it always helps to be able visualize exactly what was done.
  3. Do they have an online presence? “ A companies online presence says a lot about them.” Stanley explains. Do they have a website? Do they have positive online reviews? Are they affiliated or associated with major industry organizations? These are the kinds of things you need to be looking for.
  4. Do they make unqualified assessments? “ If a duct-cleaner starts making claims related to other parts of your home, you should suspect a scam”. Stanley explains. There are strict regulations governing the aspects of a home a duct-cleaner can operate on, anything connected to a gas line, for example, is out of their jurisdiction. These types of operations may result in “upcharging” scams.
  5. Do they hide anything? “Transparency is king when it comes to the trades industry.” Stanley explains. A company that openly divulges details about their professional practices is often a safe choice.
  6. Do they advertise solely on price?: “ When it comes to duct-cleaning, you really do get what you pay for.” Dave explains. If you are approached by an operation that is advertising solely on a low price point, you may end up being disappointed. Look for a company that not only discloses its prices but also its processes and certifications.
  7. Are they accredited: “You should look for a duct-cleaning organization in which each of its technicians are accredited by NADCA, the highest standard in duct cleaning certification and/or if they are affiliated with a Canadian organization like QUADCA.” Stanley explains.

Is it time to clear out your ducts? Make sure you rely on a name you can trust. Dave’s Duct Cleaning is an award winning Canadian company and industry leader in the Greater Toronto Area. You can get in touch with them via the contractor directory here on



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