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Can this device help you monitor your home’s water consumption?

Do you ever find yourself staring at your water bills, not understanding water consumption or how your bill comes to the amount that it does, so you just pay it and move on with your day? According to Digital Trends, there’s a device on the market that can track your water consumption without taking apart your plumbing pipes – and without a plumber’s help.

Track your water consumption before your bill arrives in the mail

Whether you’re using water to do the dishes, or running the shower, there’s no way your home can avoid consuming water, but the Oasys device can help. This device can help you track your usage long before your bill arrives in the mail, giving you the opportunity to adjust your usage in order to save money.

Here’s how it works

We recently brought you news about Fluid, a water meter that gets placed onto your pipes and notifies you how much water you’re using where via an app. What else, really?

But the Oasys is different. Instead of being placed on a pipe, the dinner plate disc can be placed onto your wall. It has a sensor that fits around the outside of your water main, so there’s no need to remove pipes from your home.

The disc inside your home is a touch screen that displays all the information you need to make environmentally friendly choices when it comes to water consumption. It could tell you the following:

  • How much water you used this week;
  • Compares this week’s data to last week;
  • Tracks consumption history;
  • Tracks water consumption for similar homes.


When the disc turns red, you know you’ve used too much water. The red glow can also be a sign that there’s a leak in your home.

Leaks are hard to find and often go unnoticed, but if this device can notify you right away, you can get on the phone with a plumbing contractor in no time.


The current selling price for the unit is over $200. Units are expected to ship in May 2016.

Take a look here:

Do you think your household is consuming too much water? Let’s chat about it. Reach out to us on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you!

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