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Canada 150 Home Sweet Home: Week 1 prize reveal

This week’s giveaway: A total car care gift pack from Armor All

This total car care gift pack from Armor All contains everything you need to keep your car clean and fresh from the inside out. Something that is especially important if you park your car in the driveway, rather than in the garage. A car in the driveway counts toward your home’s curb appeal.

The Car Care Gift Pack

This prize pack includes a full-size container of the following Armor All products:

  • Armor All Original
  • Wash Wipes
  • Wax Wipes
  • Spray Wax
  • Spray Detailer
  • Air Freshening Protectant Wipes
  • Rim Cleaner
  • Tire Foam
  • Wash and Wax
  • Washing Bucket

Armor All Wash and Wax Wipes

We were lucky enough to receive a sample of the Armor All Wash Wipes and the Wax Wipes, and they really came in handy. At this time of year, when the trees become bustling bird condos, it means bad news for anyone parked in their vicinity.

That’s the great thing about these wipes. They fit easily in the glove box or trunk, for easy cleanup after any avian target practice, or if you happen to forget your Timmies iced capp on top of the car and drive away (not that we would ever do such a thing).

The Wash Wipes are nice and strong, which is great if you have to do a bit of scrubbing. They’re also extra-large, which means you can cover quite a bit of surface area. If you drive something small, like a Corolla, you can actually wash and wax your entire car with only two wipes.

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