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Canada 150 Home Sweet Home: Week 4 prize reveal

This week’s giveaway: Breville’s Smoking Gun

Easily infuse your favourite foods with the delicious richness of smoke. This tiny smoker by Breville gives you the power to create smoked foods, without need for a full-size backyard smoker. Try it with meats, sauces, cheese, and even beverages.

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Canada 150

Smoking food has always been on the wish list of things that this weekend chef has wanted to try.  Some neighbours have the full smoking BBQ kit in their backyards but it seemed like too much work.  Now Breville has come out with a quick and easy answer to achieving a smoked flavour to dishes.

The Smoking Gun is a small hand held device that delivers smoke via a hose to infuse food and sauces with a smoky flavour.  It’s pretty easy to use by following these steps:

  1. Put the food or sauce into a bowl and cover it with plastic wrap
  2. Lift up a small section of the wrap, place the end of the hose so it hovers over the food, and seal the wrap around the hose
  3. Fill the pipe-like chamber with woodchips that are supplied (hickory and applewood) and turn on the fan to high
  4. Ignite the chips and once smoke comes out of the hose, switch the fan to low
  5. Allow the smoke to infuse the food for about 3 minutes

We tried a ginger and honey chicken sauce, testing versions with and without the smoking gun.  Results were mixed.  While there was a hint of smoky flavor, we thought it would have been a stronger taste.  Also ensure to turn off the fan before taking the hose out of the sealed plastic wrap otherwise you’ll fill up your kitchen with smoke.  Next time we’ll try a drink recipe (the box comes with some recipes) and probably do it outside as the smoke does linger a bit.

Overall The Smoking Gun is a good idea as a gift for that chef that wants to tryout something new.

(See pictures below)


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