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Canadian bathrooms are getting steamier!

There was a time when enjoying the relaxing, sinus-clearing benefits of a good steam meant awkwardly conversing with exhibitionist nudists in the steam room at your local health club. Thankfully, the experience has become more private and enjoyable, with advances in technology bringing steam showers into the seclusion of your own bathroom.

A steam shower takes the humidifying enjoyment of a steam room and combines it with a traditional shower. The shower stall is moisture-sealed, rather than open as with a traditional shower; thereby allowing the bather to luxuriate in the warm, moist steam. Once the session is finished, bathers can then use their shower to rinse away and perspiration, all in the same shower stall.

Steam Shower Health Benefits

steam shower

Adding a steam shower to your home isn’t just the latest luxury, but actually an upgrade that can greatly benefit your health. An increasing number of studies have uncovered a wide range of health benefits attributed to steam baths, inspiring Canadian homeowners to look more closely at the newer at-home options.

The most obvious benefit of indulging in regular steam baths is their de-stressing effect. With many Canadians working harder and longer than ever, how could coming home to indulge in some steam and aromatherapy be anything but cathartic? However, that isn’t all. Here are two more health enhancing benefits of steam.

Respiratory Relief: Allergy sufferers and individuals with asthma have long-since known about the positive impact that steam can have. It helps to clear the lungs and airways, allowing for easier breathing and improved overall respiratory comfort. Steam is an equally effective remedy for those suffering from congestion during cold and flu season.

Anti-Aging Benefits: There are two ways in which steam baths can contribute to slowing the signs of aging. The first way is by releasing body-harming toxins through the pores, and the second is by promoting healthier skin. We all know how beneficial steam cleaning can be to rugs and solid surfaces, and the same can be said about your skin.

Installing a Steam Shower

There are several components that comprise an at-home steam shower. Some of these things are absolutely necessary, and others are enjoyable add-ons.

The Essentials

  • A moisture-tight shower enclosure
  • Steam generator
  • Steam shower controls
  • Steam head

Optional Accessories and Add-ons

  • Remote Control
  • Self-cleaning modules
  • Aromatherapy accessories
  • Chromatherepy accessories
  • Sound systemssteam showers

Ready to learn more? Your first step is to find a local bath specialist that carries steam shower products. There are several models of generators, controls and steam heads made by brands you already know and trust, like Kohler.

Your next step is to find a plumber, electrician and/or contractor who is experienced with steam products, since both water and electricity are involved, and there are some minor renovations that need to be done to make the stall moisture-tight. You can find all three types of home improvement professional here on Browse the listing, read reviews of the service pro’s previous work and then contact them to request quotes.

If you’ve ever dreamed of bringing the relaxation of a spa-like bathroom into your home, installing a steam shower just might provide the heightened level of luxury and relaxation you’ve been searching for.

Images courtesy of Kohler Canada

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