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Canadian Tire’s Premier Paint reaches New Heights

Living in a grey world simply does not exist with Canadian Tire’s Premier Paint collection. From delicious Lemon Tart yellow to luscious Rideau Canal blue, there’s something for everyone. was invited to join interior designers and TV personal, Colin and Justin, to view the World’s Largest Paint Swatch. At a whopping 35,000 sqft. the only way to truly enjoy this unique spectacle is from 1,000 ft. up – in a helicopter.

Canadian tire's premiere paint content writer Devon Gleed with celebrity designers Colin & Justin.

Before heading up in the air to view the paint swatch, was given the opportunity to sit down with the designers to discuss the paint swatch and Premier Paint’s unmatched performance.  “As new Canadians (the designer duo, hail from Scotland), it’s good to know that this product has been made and tested in Canada, for Canadians,” says Justin. “Every colour is so saturated, the pigmentation is so good and the colour provides such depth,” he continues.

When we asked about the motivation behind the giant paint swatch, Brittany Straitton, Associate Vice President, Paint, Plumbing & Electrical of Canadian Tire informed us, “it really showcases the colour pallet and showcases it in a new and exciting way and brings to life the vibrancy that is within our pallet. The paint swatch doesn’t include all 1,008 colours but it’s a good representation of the trends that we’re bringing to the market,” she explains.

As Canadians we spend $2 billion on paint each year and in 2015, we spent $70.1 billion on home renovation projects. Since we spend so much in this industry, why don’t we make our purchases worthwhile? When we are undergoing a renovation, choosing a paint colour can be the most strenuous part of the renovation process, but Canadian Tire is making it easier. “When choosing colour it can be off putting trying to choose between a zillion shades and you’ve got all these paint chips – it can be quite confusing. But going to [Canadian Tire] and visiting this wall of colour is rather empowering. It makes you feel in charge of your choice and I think if you feel in charge of the choices you make, your decorating is less flabby and your results are stronger.” Says Justin.

Not only are majority of the shades One Coat Guaranteed, but the pallet is bright and vibrant, inspiring us to add more colour into our homes. Colin states, “if you wanted to turn around a room in a day, you could do that!” Insisting that we shouldn’t be afraid to add colour to our homes. “It’s all about excitement and getting people to appreciate their spaces,” he says.

canadian tire's premiere paint

Strapping in for the big moment, we flew for about 5 minutes before we reached the 35,000 sqft paint swatch. With Colin as our tour guide, we were blown away at the beauty and originality of this swatch. Colours of Raspberry Mousse red, Pumpkin Spice orange, Honeydew green, Niagara Falls blue, and Lychee pink filled the Canadian Tire parking lot and motivated a paint project in our home improvement hearts. In the words of Colin, “you’re going to find colour at Canadian Tire – and it may even be in the car park!”

We asked Colin and Justin for their best tips and tricks when repainting a room. They stand by the following:

  • Tools: You need to have the best tools when repainting a room. Good painter’s tape and a quality brush are what stand between a great paint job and a horrible one. Ensure you’re washing your brushes – a great brush can last a few paint jobs, as long as you care for it
  • Practice: Paint the colour you’re thinking of on a piece of large card and place it around the room you want to paint. Ensure you’re happily surprised by it every time you walk in the room and take note of what it looks like throughout the day
  • Share the decision making: Don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion and enjoy the decision making process with a friend, family member or your spouse

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