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Carpet Shopping: Five Things to Know Before You Buy

Choosing a floor is fraught with a myriad of decisions.  Once you narrow your choice down to carpeting, there are still many more decisions and choices to make.  From color and design to texture and price, you’ll have many options available to you.  The following five tips are important things to consider before you commit to buying carpet.

Carpet Style

From the sumptuous feel of plush carpeting to the functionality of Berber, you’ll certainly want to learn the ins and outs of various carpet styles before you get down to specifics like color and pattern.  Certain types of carpeting might work best for particular rooms of your home.  Some styles are ideal for homes with children and pets while others are distinctively formal.  For low traffic areas, you might consider Saxony or Plush carpets while high traffic areas might be best served by Berber or textured carpeting.  Lifestyle should play a major role when you consider making a carpet purchase.


Choosing color and pattern is a highly individual task, but there are some tips to keep in mind when you are narrowing down your choices.  It can be very hard to envision how a color will look in your room of choice based on a small swatch.  Try to visit a showroom or two to see how you like a color when topped with furniture.  You can also purchase a larger swatch or find online tools that allow you to carpet a virtual room.  Keep in mind that certain colors are known to set certain moods—blue and green are almost always associated with tranquility while red or yellow set a more vibrant and lively tone.  You might also choose a color in accordance with a room’s size; you can make a room seem larger by choosing a light color and a large room feel cozy by opting for a dark color.


When carpet shopping, it’s best to consider that you are actually shopping for layers of floor covering.  Not only is adequate padding important for your sense of comfort, it is also essential to the longevity of your carpet.  Often a specific type of carpet will come with a manufacturer’s recommendation for padding.  Your choice of padding will almost certainly depend on the type of carpeting you choose and even the room you plan to carpet.  High traffic areas will warrant more padded protection in order to safeguard your carpet from unraveling fibers and carpet backing.


Be sure you understand your carpet’s maintenance requirements before you make a purchase.  Some formal carpeting and shag rugs can be very tough to keep clean; often, these carpets don’t coincide well with children and pets.  Be sure to ask about stain protection and warranties before making a final selection.  Some types of carpeting may even require more extensive maintenance tasks, so be sure you have the time (and inclination) to keep up with your carpet’s needs.

What about Green Carpeting?

Many people with allergies or crawling children favor carpeting made with chemical-free dyes and natural materials.  Other green carpets might be made from recycled materials like old rugs or even plastic bottles.  As more and more carpet dealers offer green products, customers will have a greater selection of carpets to choose from.  Talk to your carpet company about their green carpet options and which might be right for your home and lifestyle.

You’ll enjoy your new carpeting far more if you plan ahead and consider these tips when making your selection.  Choose a reputable carpet company and professional installers to ensure that you get the best carpeting for you, your home, and your budget.

Author Bio:
Guest post contributed by Lucy Massey for Empire carpet. Lucy is a freelance writer and interior designer with a penchant for recycling and upcycling.

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