House cleaning for a brighter, healthier home this spring
As we welcome spring, so too do we want our homes to be inviting and cheerful, free of the paraphernalia associated with winter, and sparkling spring clean with bright, airy spaces. Spring cleaning is an annual house cleaning ritual that marks this transition to a new season, and is a great opportunity to tackle some domestic chores that have been put on hold all winter. (more…)
- April 11, 2014

Green Clean | 3 simple house cleaning tips
Gone are the days when the only way to sanitize your home was with toxic products that could make you cough or gasp for air. Available now are eco-friendlier house cleaning products that don’t contain poisonous substances or cause damage to the environment. If you decide you want to leave your spring cleaning job to someone else, look for home and carpet cleaners who insist on using all-natural products to get a more green clean. (more…)
- May 9, 2013

Ozone Duct Cleaning

Who is Todd Smith of Ozone Duct Cleaning?

Even I was skeptical of duct cleaning, figured there was no need, that the airflow and furnace filter kept everything clean.  That was my thought over 11 years ago, before I got into this industry.  When I did my first job, I realized that duct cleaning is something that has to be a priority on every homeowners list. (more…)
- July 27, 2012