5 things that are ruining your home’s curb appeal
We talk a lot about curb appeal here on eieiehome.com. The reason is because maintaining your home’s exterior is among the most important aspects of ownership. Unless you happen to live on a sprawling rural lot, your home’s exterior has a direct impact on the homes around you and the collective neighbourhood. In essence, good curb appeal contributes to good neighbourhood appeal. (more…)
- August 31, 2017

Plan to take on one of these fall projects
Fall is right around the corner. While some people may lament the end of summer fun, for many other fall is a glorious time of year. It’s filled will colour, comfortable clothing, and family fun, such as apple picking, visits to pumpkin patches, and nature walks to take in the beautiful autumn colours. This is also the perfect time to get outside and take on some projects around the house. (more…)
- August 9, 2017

Try these 6 surprising remedies for problem gardens
If your garden isn’t fairing quite as well as you had hoped, you’re probably scouring the internet looking for effective remedies for gardening problems. You might be surprised (or maybe not) to hear that nature has the best remedies for nature’s problems. Whether you’re dealing with weeds, slugs, or lackluster blooms, chances are, you’ll find the solution right there in your kitchen. (more…)
- July 5, 2017

Designing The Front Porch of Your Dreams
Your front porch is the first thing people see when they come to your home, therefore it has to make a good impression. Your porch should be welcoming and happy, a space that’s inviting and makes guests feel comfortable. It should be an accurate representation of your personal style, and an extension of your indoor space. Here’s how to create the front porch of your dreams and the envy of all your neighbours. (more…)
- July 4, 2017

Make Your Yard Look Well Manicured On a Budget
Having a big property with a lush yard requires plenty of work and sometimes money. Every yard deserves to look healthy, rich and nourished since it greatly affects the curb appeal of your home. However, you don't have to spend a fortune in order to groom your yard. Instead, you can try out some simple things that will cost you almost nothing. (more…)
- July 2, 2017