How to Create a Killer Closet on a Frugalista Budget
  Your wardrobe may not be runway worthy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t easily create a fashionably stylish closet space on a frugalista budget.   Whether you have a modest cupboard or a spacious walk-in, here are my top five tips to maximize function, minimize clutter, and transform your “meh” closet into a trendy treasure box (more…)
- September 28, 2016

How Do I Declutter My Home?
Designers will tell you: knowing what to edit out of your decor is just as important as knowing what to add in. However, this skill is even trickier than it sounds, especially when your home is filled with sentimental pieces—and lots of good intentions. (Hello treadmill-laundry-rack!) Here are my top tips to help you make tough decisions about what stays, and what makes room for good design. (more…)
- July 8, 2016

Shed a few tons with the right insulation for your home!
There is an eco-friendly insulation movement happening right now - Zero Net Energy. It's a community based initiative whose guiding principle is to reduce energy use and carbon emissions by building homes so efficiently that they actually produce all the energy they require to provide comfortable living conditions for the inhabitants that dwell within. (more…)
- November 18, 2015

Winterizing your home can keep you safe
Winterizing your home is an essential autumn/winter task that prepares your home for the cold winter season ahead. Not only can it prevent significant damage from occurring to your home, but it can also keep your family safe. Here's an overview of what winterizing tasks to tackle and why they're important. Enlist in a handyman to help you out if you need. (more…)
- November 13, 2015

How To: Test your smoke alarm
A smoke alarm is essential to protecting your family and home at all times. While you don't want to wait for a fire to start in your home to see if it's working, you should conduct routine checks to ensure it will work should a fire occur. Follow our guide to testing your smoke alarm. If you need help, reach out to our directory of handyman professionals! They're the experts in all things home. (more…)
- November 2, 2015

Customer service is dead – or is it?
All too often, you find yourself looking for a service – whether that’s hiring a contractor or searching for a product in store – and are met with mediocre customer service. Businesses aren’t meeting your needs or taking your time into consideration. It seems like inadequate and unprofessional customer service has become the standard.  (more…)
- October 22, 2015

This water meter can track your water usage
Do you know how much water you're using on a daily basis? According to Digital Trends, California households use 174 gallons of water a day doing routine activities. Canadians use - on average - 329 litres of water per person per day. How do you track and change your water usage habits? Thanks to home automation technology, there's an app (and device!) for that. (more…)
- October 14, 2015