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Check Off Your Honey-Do List

Nothing says “I love you” like fresh caulk, a plumber’s snake and a long piece of weather-stripping. Haven’t heard that?

Well, it’s true. With Valentine’s Day approaching, what better time to pick up your sweetheart’s yellowed honey-do list and actually start — and finish — some of the jobs. Chances are, they’ll consider it a true sign of love if you check a few of these things off the list.

Unlike those tasks that require an experienced handyman, we’ll stick with 10 jobs that most of us can do ourselves.

1. You’ve made plans to ship the kids off to their grandparents’ house for the night, and you’re planning an evening that includes a bubble bath for two, with candles burning and an iced-down bottle of wine next to the tub. But there’s a problem: Your tub is gross because the caulk between the tub and the tile wall is cracked and moldy. Before anyone dips their toes into the water, chip away the old caulk and replace it with a shiny new, white bead.

2. You hope fun in the bathroom will lead to fun in the bedroom, and in case you don’t make it to the bed, you better be sure to fix those squeaky floor boards before they ruin the mood.

3. If things really heat up, you’ll want to cool off later, but that means replacing that broken ceiling fan in your bedroom with a new one.

4. The breeze from the fan is great, but the breeze from the wind coming in from the closed front door is annoying, and it’s cooling off your sweetie’s mood, so it’s time to break out the weather-stripping and get to work.

5. You love your sweetheart’s hair, but it has a way of making it down the drain and clogging the bathroom sink. Remove the drain and stick the plumber’s snake down it until the clog is cleared. You’ll score big points for that.

6. While you’re in the bathroom, do something about that drip-drip-drip that drives your honey crazy-crazy-crazy. Chances are, all you need to do is replace a worn-out rubber washer.

7. Change your spouse’s world by painting over your drab white walls and adding some color to your life. See what a huge difference a $20 gallon of paint makes.

8. Speaking of color, you plan to buy your sweetie some roses on Valentine’s Day, but why not buy her something just as good that lasts longer – a rose bush. Keep it alive during the winter, and in the spring make it the centerpiece of your very own Garden of Eden – the garden you’ve been meaning to start for three years now.

9. Now that your hands are filthy, take them into the garage and start cleaning it. After all, you’ll need to make room for the his-and-hers bicycles that you plan to buy your lover as a Valentine’s Day gift.

10. While you’re in the garage, don’t forget to install those shelves she bought last year so she has a place to put her gardening tools.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, sometimes the best gift you can give is a honey-do list with a lot of check marks on it.

By Mark Di Vincenzo

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