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How to choose a statement wall mirror

In addition to serving a more utilitarian purpose in the bathroom or in a bedroom, mirrors can also add a lot of character to other rooms in the house. This is where a good statement wall mirror can really shine.

A statement wall mirror offers far more than just a reflective surface, but rather serves as art and also helps to make your space seem bigger. Here are a few details to consider when shopping for a wall mirror that will not only reflect your face, but your interior decorating style as well.

Interesting Shapes

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Image Source: Structube

Some of our favourite statement wall mirrors are circular, oval, or even starburst shaped. However, that’s not to say that you can’t find a fabulous mirror in a classic square or rectangle. Sometimes the design takes on more than just a basic shape, such as a cluster of smaller mirrors.


wall mirrors

Image Source: Pier 1 Imports

As the name implies, a statement mirror is intended to draw the eye. While that doesn’t necessarily mean choosing the biggest mirror you can find, it does imply that the size of the overall piece is important.

When shopping, think about where the mirror will hang, and whether you want it to shine on its own, or as part of a grouping of other pieces.

If you plan to hang the mirror over your couch, be sure to leave at least 12 inches of space above and below the frame. In terms of length, try to keep scale in mind. To add real drama, opt for a mirror that matches the length of the table or couch beneath it.

Keep in mind that larger mirrors tend to be quite heavy, so ensure that you’re making use of your wall studs and using the appropriate anchoring hardware.

NOTE: While mirrored panel walls were a big deal a few decades ago, these days, the look is generally best left to your home gym.


statement wall mirror

Image Source: Urban Barn

If your mirror is more about its look than you looking into it, then more often than not the frame is going to play the starring role.

There are so many incredibly artistic mirrors on the market these days. There is literally something out there to suit every style. Everything from gilded scrolls, to rope-framed portholes, bronze starbursts, distressed arches and much more.



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Select the material for your frame based on the overall style of the room it’s going into. Metallics may look best with mid-century modern décor, while a room that pays homage to farmhouse style may be accepting of something framed by wood.

Of course, with all things home décor, the choice really is up to you and what makes you happy.


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