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Choosing Kitchen Countertop Materials

Renovating the kitchen in your home gives you the chance to remake this room into something that works better for your family and for your needs. You might be expanding the kitchen to include a relaxed dining area, or maybe you want to bring in more natural light by adding windows and raising the ceiling. However, no matter what you are trying to achieve, if you’ll be renovating your kitchen, then replacing your kitchen countertops is an excellent idea. Of course, you will need to know a bit more about the various materials available for you.


Laminate kitchen countertops are durable and affordable, though not particularly high end. You’ll find that they are available in almost any colour that you might want, and can also be patterned. Textured laminate countertops are also available. These are the best options for those looking for a durable kitchen countertop material on a budget.


Natural stone offers timeless elegance and beauty. You will be able to choose from options like granite, limestone, sandstone and more, as well. Natural stone can be cut and polished, or it can be left rough (this is particularly popular around the edges). However, this material can also be edged in a number of ways – bullnose is probably the most popular edge shape, but there are many others. Stone kitchen countertops are a bit more expensive than other options, but they can last a lifetime with the proper care.


If you want to add fun and beauty to your kitchen counters, then there are few options that can compare to tile. Tiles are available in different sizes, colours, patterns and even textures, which can help you add any look or feel you might want, from sleek and elegant to relaxed country. Tile is not quite as durable as stone, but it is more affordable. It’s also easily replaceable should something untoward happen – cracks and chips, for instance.


Wooden countertops have come back into vogue in recent years, particularly in rustic kitchens. Thick wooden countertops (called butcher’s block counters) offer beauty and character, but they can be somewhat expensive if a custom solution is purchased. However, they can last an enormously long time with the right care, and gain more character as they age.

These are the most common options for kitchen counter materials, but you will find other solutions. For instance, you might want to combine two different options, like stone and tile, to create the most unique look and feel possible for your new kitchen.

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