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Choosing the Right Doors for Your Home Is Easy

Interior and exterior doors may come across as a rather insignificant design element at first, but they, in fact, have a major effect on your home’s visual appeal. They can add to the general style of your home and even work as enticing décor statements. In addition, doors can improve your home’s insulation, keeping it warm during winter and cool during summer. On the other hand, poorly chosen doors can really stand out and not in a good way. Therefore, it’s important that you take some time to learn about different factors you need to consider when choosing doors for your home.

Different types of doors

Depending on their role, doors can be divided into different categories: internal, external or entry, patio and garage doors. Their function greatly determines their features, such as materials or the way they’re built. In addition, each function brings different considerations. For example, if you’re choosing the entry doors, one of the most important factors to consider is insulation value. When it comes to internal doors, you need to consider their construction while energy performance is an important aspect of patio doors. Garage doors are the most complex because they offer a variety of different styles and materials. Since garage doors are as important as front doors because they can affect the curb appeal of your home, it’s important to choose them carefully.

Door construction

Door construction is one of the most important elements to consider because it greatly determines a door’s quality and longevity. Doors can be solid wood, solid core and hollow core. Hollow doors are the most affordable option, but they can be easily damaged and provide less insulation. They aren’t completely hollow, but consist of cardboard honeycomb and plywood panels. If your home has fluctuating levels of humidity and heat, hollow core doors are the best choice.

Solid wood doors are on the expensive side, but they are of the highest quality. They are long-lasting and provide great sound and heat insulation. Finally, solid core doors resemble solid wood doors and provide similar levels of sound and heat insulation yet at a more affordable price. However, solid wood and solid core doors aren’t suitable for fluctuating humidity and heat levels because this can lead to door warping.

Available materials

You have a variety of options when it comes to door materials, so you need to choose one that will meet both your needs and your personal taste. Wood is one of the most popular choices with a timeless value and classic appeal. You can buy finished, pre-finished, primed or unfinished wood doors depending on whether you’re planning to treat and paint them yourself. If you choose classic timber doors, you’ll be able to give your home an organic touch and create a beautiful, natural look. Wood doors are also easy to repair, but they may warp and twist overtime, especially external wood doors due to weather conditions.

Steel has become a popular choice for external doors because it offers great insulation and durability. Since it doesn’t rot or bend and twist like wood, it’s a long-term investment. In addition, steel doors are typically more affordable, but less detailed, which can reveal that they are made of steel even if designed to resemble wood panels. They can also rust if the finish paint peels off, but they’re generally quite durable.

Fibreglass is another great option for external doors, especially when it’s designed to imitate wood. Fibreglass doors are easy to maintain and offer better insulation than wood, since they are filled with insulating materials, such as foam. The only downside lies in the fact that they’re not wood, which may not be according to someone’s personal taste.

Stylistic considerations

Although the aesthetic appeal shouldn’t be your primary concern when choosing doors for your home, it’s still an important factor that you shouldn’t overlook. Choosing the right style will elevate your home’s décor and even help you make a design statement. For example, if you pick a beautiful entry door, it can work as a stunning focal point of your home’s exterior which will boost the curb appeal of your home.

Depending on your personal taste, you have a world of inspiring options. While classic wood panelled doors can help you create a traditional look, glass details may give your home an artsy vibe. Dutch doors, which are split in the middle, can create an interesting, playful effect and you can use them, for example, as kitchen doors. You can also choose shoji doors that resemble Japanese shoji screens if you want to create a peaceful, Zen-inspired ambiance.

Considering different factors, such as door construction, materials and styles, can help you choose the perfect doors for your home that will be both functional and appealing.


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