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Choosing the Best Driveway Surface Material

Landscaping and paving are both very important considerations for your home. One of the most important considerations you will have to make is which driveway surface material is best for your needs. There are many different options available, but they are certainly not created equal. Having a little information before making your choice is vital for an informed decision.

Interlocking Pavers

One popular option is to use interlocking pavers to create a beautiful driveway. Pavers are available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours, and range from bricks to those that look more like natural stone. Pavers can be elegant and stunning, but there are a few problems that you should know about here. First, they’re more expensive than other options, simply because they are labour intensive to install. Second, if they are not installed correctly, they can be somewhat short lived.


Asphalt is a very popular material for creating driveways. It is durable, can be edged with other materials like pavers, and can be poured on a variety of different grades. Asphalt has been one of the two most popular choices for driveway materials for decades. Of course, there are some drawbacks. It’s more expensive than some options, for instance. It is also not a “green” building material. Finally, it cannot be beautified – it is what it is.


Perhaps the most popular driveway surface material, concrete has been in use for an enormously long time. It is durable, economical and is made with recycled materials in many instances. If the thought of a gray, boring driveway puts you off, though, you should know that it can be coloured and textured, too. Stamped concrete can actually give you the look of other materials, such as natural stone, brick and others. The range of tints available ensures that you can create a custom drive that matches your home’s aesthetics. Concrete does have a few drawbacks – it will need to be resurfaced in time, but it is probably the best option for most homeowners out there.

Of course, paving your driveway will require the use of a paving service. Most of the time, these jobs will simply be too large to tackle on your own (though it is possible). Make sure that the contractor you hire has plenty of experience and offers the surface material and customisation options that you demand before you make a final selection, though.

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