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Christmas-Themed Bathroom Decor Ideas

Christmas time is just around the corner, and some of us like to go all the way and turn every single space into a Christmas paradise, bathroom included. Here are some cool and easy ideas you can try out, other than just placing another Christmas tree in there.

Christmassy bathroom towels

christmas bathroom

This one is for all the experienced crafty folks out there. You will need a set of white and red towels, green crafting felt, an iron, a pair of scissors, a Christmas-themed cardboard template, a sewing machine with a green thread and a little bit of tailor’s chalk. First, you’ll need to iron your towels to get rid of wrinkles; then, use the chalk to trace around the template onto the felt and cut it out. Finally, pin the felt onto your towel and sew it into place.


However, if you find this idea too complicated, or just don’t consider yourself to be particularly crafty, consider simply replacing your usual towels with a festive combination of white and red ones. Also, you can wrap your toilet paper with a red velvet ribbon for an even more festive touch.

Garland the mirror

If your bathroom doesn’t have enough space for a tree, you probably have a bathroom mirror you can decorate with some garlands. It will take zero space, but will make a huge impact. Use hooks, tape or command strips to hang your bows, Christmas lights, garland and other decorations of your choice around the mirror.


Besides garlands, you can also use homemade mirror clings to decorate your mirror. You will need several bottles of white glue, some glitter, food coloring, Christmas-themed cookie cutters and a big sheet of wax paper. Color the glue by adding a few drops of color into it and shake it for a few minutes to ensure that it all mixed perfectly and evenly. After that, add some glitter in there as well and repeat the shaking process.

Spread the sheet of paper and let your creativity free by shaping some clings by hand, and then making a few ‘standard’ ones with molds (cookie cutters). Let your masterpieces dry overnight, peel them off and stick them onto your mirror.

christmas bathroom

Vanity and shelves

Another great idea is to show some love to your beautiful bathroom accessories aka your vanity and shelves. Create a warm ambience with some aromatherapy candles that smell like cinnamon, pine or peppermint. You can also take a few of your unused glass bowls or vases, fill them with Christmas tree ornaments, beads and other decorations and display them on your vanity.

christmas bathroom

Christmas soaps

This is a fun and easy trick that will definitely add Christmas cheer to your bathroom. Glycerin soap molds and kits can be found in every craft store, all you need to do is pick the colors, shapes and scents you like and roll up your sleeves. And even though you just need to follow directions that are written on the box of your kit, no one said you can’t add a little bit of glitter in the mix.


There are several ways to add Christmas spirit to your shower other than simply buying holiday shower curtains. You can stick a few clings on your curtains, hang Christmas tree ornaments on the rod rings of the curtain or even place a few candle holders around the edge of your tub – if the space allows you to.
Evergreen decorations
If you are not all about the sparkle and your taste is more subtle, you can display a couple of silver vases with discreet evergreen arrangements in them, tastefully decorated with not more than a red ribbon. You can also spray some fake snow on top of it as well as add a few tinsel bits.
As you can see, holiday décor doesn’t have to be limited to your living room only. Make this holiday season memorable by giving these ideas a try.

About the Author: Derek Lotts writes about décor, gardening, recycling, ecology and everything related to home improvement. He thinks all of these topics fall under the self-improvement category. He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the Internet to achieve betterment.

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