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How To: A Clean and Stylish Bathroom

Ever wonder how to you maintain that magazine-ready sleek stylish bathroom look in everyday life? It takes a little effort up front, but once you know these tricks it’ll be a breeze to keep your bathroom looking camera-ready every morning, before you’ve even fixed your bedhead!

  1. Edit Down

-The first and possibly most important step to getting and maintaining a clean, spa-like space is to edit out unnecessary clutter. Items that aren’t getting used, like free samples or old make-up, need to go. Items that do get used, but not every day (like extra razor heads, sunscreen, special hair products, etc), can get moved somewhere with more storage (like a hall closet). This will leave more space so the everyday must-haves don’t have to sit on the counter.

  1. Cover Up

-Once you’re down to the bare essentials, it’s time to strip away some unattractive packaging. Use covers to hide tissue boxes, inexpensive glass vases (or even large drinking glasses) for products like cotton balls and q-tips, and baskets for other small items like moisturizers or disposable razors. Place baskets on a high or low shelf so the contents aren’t right in your eyeline, or try a box with a lid.

  1. Colour Coordinate

-Have you ever noticed how many competing beauty and hygiene products contain the exact same ingredients as each other? In this case you often can judge a book by it’s cover—or at least judge a moisturizer by it’s packaging! Try shopping for products that have a similar, attractive colour scheme to the packaging, such as all white, or all shades of blue. Then you can display some of them together and get a coordinated look with essentially the same products inside.

  1. The Rule of 4

-If you want your bathroom to look truly styled, rather than purely functional, consider a simple rule of 4s: for every 4 items (products, towels, accents, etc) you can see, 1 should be purely decorative. Include items like a votive glass with a single blossom, candles, or a beautiful perfume bottle that you only reach for on special occasions. If you find it hard to get a 1/4 ratio, you probably need to cut more clutter!

  1. Essential Upgrades

-To take your bathroom style to the next level, here are two essential construction upgrades. Adding a wall niche, either in the shower or nearby, will give you a semi-enclosed space to store shower products or extra bathroom rolls. If that wall cavity is just sitting there empty, this can essentially make your room seem larger without having to move a wall. It’s doable for DIYers, or a worthwhile upgrade through a contractor.

-Secondly, consider replacing a shower curtain with a glass shower panel—either one that’s fixed or one with a swing door. The look is instantly cleaner and more modern, while also opening the sightlines (making your shower experience feel much more luxurious).

For more shots from this bathroom renovation (and many more!) visit the always-updating, or check out my Twitter and Instagram at @yanicsimard.

Quick Bites

  1. Edit out the products you don’t use, and move items you use just occasionally to a space with more storage (like a closet).
  2. Remove excess packaging and display essentials in simple boxes, jars and the like.
  3. Choose products with minimal, sleek packaging so they look great together.
  4. Use the rule of 4: 1 decorative item for every 4 items on display.
  5. Upgrade your bathroom with a wall niche and/or a glass shower panel to hide more clutter and open up bigger sightlines

About the author:  Yanic Simard is principal designer at Toronto Interior Design Group and TV design expert on Cityline.


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