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Closet Storage Solutions

Your clothes closet. It may be the messiest place in your house. So if this is your first time investing in storage solutions, start there. We all have so much stuff, and frequently we simply throw things into our closets, jamming unused items in the back or tossing things on the floor. If you’ve ever wondered why little kids are often scared there are monsters hiding in closets . . . well, here are some great tips that will defeat any beast that may be hiding in yours.

1. Custom Closet

Hands down, the easiest way to turn your closet into a neat, organized storage space is to get a custom built unit. Closet design companies send a professional to your home to measure and suggest alternatives. These experts will know best how you can use your space. If you love keeping things totally out of sight, opt for a unit that has drawers or cabinets. If you can’t quite afford the custom price tag, look for pre-made units at big box stores. Take measurements to make sure the shelf unit or stacking drawers will fit.

2. Rolling Carts

Keep linens, sweaters or even craft supplies that you don’t use on a daily basis hidden away in a rolling cart. The carts can be kept nestled under hanging clothes or tucked under other shelving. Wheels make them easier to access than plastic storage tubs.

Rolling cart in closet
Source: IKEA    

3. Closet Carousel

This electronic rack rotates clothes and shoes with the press of a button. Like the rotating racks at the dry cleaners, this unit has a designated spot for each item. You won’t have to worry about tangling your hangers or over-stuffing the rod. Know though, that this isn’t a solution for a small closet since the rack needs enough space to spin.

4. Good hangers

Wire hangers from the dry cleaner may be cheap (actually, they’re free), but they don’t stand up to use. Invest in heavy-duty plastic or wooden hangers. There are ones specially made for skirts, pants, shirts and suits. You’ll find that if your clothes aren’t constantly falling off hangers, your closet will be neater.

IKEA clothes hangers
Source: IKEA

5. Pullout Shelves

Rather than affixing permanent shelving in a closet, try installing pullout shelves. If the shelf comes out to you, you won’t have to paw through everything there to find what you’re looking for.

Pull out shelves from IKEA
Image: IKEA

6. Vacuum-Sealed Storage Bags

Eliminate some of the space that out-of-season clothes can take up by storing them in vacuum-sealed bags. These large, plastic bags lie completely flat once you vacuum out all of the air.

7. Drawer Organizers

If you have a custom built closet unit, keep your drawers from getting chaotic with organizers. You can use a drawer organizer for jewelry, makeup, socks or underwear. Pick something that’s removable so you can repurpose the drawer if need be. Drawer organizers also work well on shelves.

Drawer organizer from IKEA
Source: IKEA    

8. Photographs

You’ll know exactly what is in each storage bin or box if you photograph the item or items and paste the picture on the front. (Alternatively, you can use stickers from a craft or card store, if you can remember what they mean.) No more mad searches through every box and bin for your favorite pair of pumps or your tacky holiday sweater! You’ll know exactly where to look.

Combining a few different storage solutions is going to be your best bet in keeping your closet organized. However, implementing even one or two of these ideas can make finding items easier.

By Megan Mostyn-Brown

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