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Coffee nooks for any room in the house

It’s time to take the coffee maker out of the kitchen (or maybe just buy a second one). Coffee nooks have been steadily gaining popularity over the last several years, partially due to the cleanliness and convenience of single cup brewers. These coffee nooks have removed the coffee maker from the countertop’s general population and given it its own space on carts, servers, small hutches, and other spots. There, it is typically joined by other essentials, including sugar, mugs, spoons, and bits of décor.

Our favourite coffee nooks are those that shun the kitchen entirely, and take up residence in secluded spot elsewhere in the home. These nooks make it incredibly easy to get your caffeine fix and entertain guests at the same time. Although, they can also add incredible charm to a room’s ambiance.

Here are some fantastic, and possibly unexpected locations to inspire your own coffee nook installation

Living Room

coffee nookSource: Duke and Duchess

Throughout the years, bar carts and tea carts have had a place in living rooms across North America, so we think it’s time that the coffee cart came into its own. Tuck it into a cozy corner, and kit it out with all the essentials (plus some chic décor), and you’re ready for cozy evenings with your significant other, or a friendly visit with guests.


coffee nookSource: Decordots

Just imagine getting to enjoy your first cup of the day without that customary bleary-eyed stumble down the stairs that often precedes it. That’s pretty much all the motivation we need to create a tiny coffee nook in the master bedroom.

Creating a bedroom coffee nook is easier than you might think. All you need is a good surface (bookshelf, dresser, dedicated coffee cart), your coffeemaker, and all of the essentials. Be sure to add bottles of water to your station to fill up the coffee maker … unless you happen to be fancy and already have a wet bar in your bedroom.

Media Room

coffee nookSource: Pinterest

A media room is the perfect place to add not just a coffee bar, but a snack bar. It can be a simply made station featuring your coffee maker and essentials, plus a microwave, some popcorn and other snacks, or you can go all out and create an authentic concession stand.

Other Great Places to Add a Coffee Nook

There are so many great places in the home where a coffee nook or bar would be greatly appreciated by homeowners and guests alike.

Guest Bedroom

How happy would your guests be to have their own little coffee nook set up for their use?

Three Season Room

Make the joys of semi-outdoor living even more enjoyable by setting up a handy refreshment station.


Keep your favourite handyman or woman alert and ready to take on their next build or tinkering project with a conveniently tucked away coffee station.

Home Office

This is an especially great place for a coffee bar if you receive clients in your home office. Although, even if you don’t, we all know that coffee and office work go hand in hand.

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