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Consider these 4 things when buying a bathtub

Buying a bathtub? There are more things to consider than you might think.

When shopping around for a new bathroom to complete your bathroom reno, improve accessibility, or simply as an upgrade, you may have a few wants in mind. Will you opt for a whirlpool tub or one without jets? Do you adore the idea of a deep soaker tub or is a vintage claw foot more your style?

For the most part, aesthetics drive desire where buying a bathtub is concerned. However, there are a few other things that should be considered before you take the plunge.

Who will use it

Identifying the primary users of the tub is one of the most important questions, since it can be the deciding factor between a large whirlpool tub and a standard unit. If you plan to use the tub to bathe small children, then something like a corner tub, or a tub that’s overly large may not be ideal. The size and shape of most corner tub could make it challenging to comfortably reach a child in the tub.

The sides of a deep soaker tub may also be too high for a parent to comfortably bathe a child. An aging homeowner may also have difficulty entering or exiting certain high-walled tubs.

Is Accessibility a Concern

If accessibility is a concern now, or if you foresee it being a concern in the future, ensure that you keep that in mind when purchasing your new bathtub. Beyond the standard addition of non-slip flooring and grab bars, homeowners who live with aging parents, or those who are taking steps to allow themselves to age in place can choose to have a walk-in bath installed.

A walk-in tub is a high-sided unit that allows bathers to enter and exit through a special watertight door. Most come equipped with a comfortable seat and may offer upgrades such as whirlpool jets, chromotherepy and more.


Are you an athlete, an avid exerciser, or someone who works a physically demanding job? Do you use bathing as a de-stressing ritual to soak away work or family stress? If anything sounds familiar here, then you may be interested in splurging on a tub that has therapeutic options.

Whirlpool jets are the most common therapeutic bathing option; however, some higher end tubs also provide the options of chromotherepy, effervescent jets, sound therapy and aromatherapy, among other options.


When considering the size of your new tub, you’ll need to think beyond the how good it would feel to be completely enveloped by the water. A tub that is used is a tub that needs to be cleaned, and if you are a small person with an extra deep or wide tub, then you might find tub maintenance to be difficult. That’s not to say you shouldn’t indulge in that gorgeous, copper slipper bath. It’s simply a heads-up that you may have to get creative when it comes time to give it a good scrub.

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