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Why you should consider cellular window shades

Picture this: the sunlight is streaming in through your bay window at the front of the house. The natural light illuminates everything around it. As picturesque as this may sound, heat is constantly going out the window! Pun intended. There is a way to keep the heat in while making your windows the focal point of any room: window shades.

The Beginning

For almost 30 years, Cellular Window Shades has been providing customers around the world with both energy-efficient and stylish window shades that are designed to keep heat indoors, thus keeping your energy bills in check.

Erin Moriarty, a designer with Cellular Window Shades, said the small, family-owned business began when the company’s founder Gordon Clements moved from Montreal to Vermont.

“He bought his first house and it ran on electric,” she says. He was surprised at how high his energy bills were. “He couldn’t believe how much it cost to run the home.”

Clements needed a solution to bring down the cost of his energy bills. He knew his home was losing the most heat through the windows. He began to manufacture window treatments in the basement of his house with hopes the shades would prevent air from escaping through the windows. It worked.

The company has come a long way since its inception. From a brick and mortar business, to making shades in Clements’ basement, the company took to the web in 2000 and started selling window shades throughout the U.S. and across the world, growing its database of customers worldwide.

The Shades

While most windows today are energy-efficient, meaning they are designed to keep either cool or warm air in your home, a window covering can aid in this process. “What it does is keep the cold air from leaking in through the window and keeps the heat from seeping out,” says Moriarty. “It cuts off energy loss in all methods of heat transfer.” acousticsbathroom - Ctx

In the summertime, you may find your air conditioner goes into overdrive to compensate for the fact that cool air is constantly escaping through the window, even with an energy-efficient one. A cellular window shade is designed to prevent air from escaping, which results in the air staying indoors. This protects your air conditioner and keeps your energy costs lower. This thinking can be applied to the winter season as well: your heater is working to keep your home heated on a regular basis. With an energy-efficient window shade, there will be less heat leaving your home, thus keeping it nice and toasty without the heater working overtime.

The shades are made with the highest quality of honeycomb material on the market, says Moriarty. They add a stylistic element to any window. “They do add a lot of aesthetic benefit to the home at night when the window isn’t a big gaping hole,” says Moriarty. “It really can help finish off a room.”

Here’s a round-up of the types of shades available to customers:

  • Blackout shades – These are the most energy-efficient shades you’ll ever purchase. They block out 99% of the light in any room, making them the perfect choice for the rooms you want little to no light.
  • Light-filtering shades – These shades gently let light filter into your home, creating a warm and inviting space. They come in a variety of lift options, giving customers the ability to control the light and privacy in the room.
  • Cordless shades – So long to strings! They are 100% child safe. All you have to do is raise or lower the shade with a gentle push of the cordless handle.
  • Insulating shades – Easily reduce your energy bills, keep your home warm and comfortable during the winter months with insulating shades. They reduce energy consumption thanks to the honeycombs on the shade that are designed to insulate your windows.
  • Top down bottom up – Want a shade that gives you the best of both worlds? This choice is right for you. It gives you privacy and light control. You can open these blinds from the bottom and the top to achieve your desired effect.

Window sizes vary in every home, but here’s an estimated cost breakdown of how much your new shades will cost. We’ll use a standard size of 24 inches in width by 36 inches in height.

*This is just an estimate! The price of your new cellular window shade will depend on the style, colour, fabric and size you choose. Visit Cellular Window Shades for more information.

 The Ordering Process

Although the window coverings company is based in Vermont, Cellular ships their products to consumers around the world. All customers have to do is measure their windows. The company offers a handy measuring guide online, says Moriarty.

Once customers take down the measurements, they can go online and choose from a wide variety of options for their coverings, including operating styles and colours to match any home decor. Each order comes with brackets, screws and installation instructions. This is an easy DIY project, but Moriarty says some customers may prefer to hire a handyman to take care of the installation.

What if there’s a problem?

Just because you’re ordering your window shades online doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck without customer service. Consider Cellular Window Shades for this reason: “Dollar for dollar, nothing else does more to enhance the comfort and look of your home than cellular window coverings do,” says Moriarty. “Shopping with us specifically, we offer the same or better price than any of the big online retailers.” Each shade comes with a 10-year warranty, meaning your shades are built to last.

No matter where you’re located in the world, Cellular Window Shades is always on hand to provide customer service. “We really make that connection and stick with our customers,” she says.



Have you recently purchased window treatments? If you’re not confident in installing them yourself, why not hire a handyman install them for you? We have compiled a list of handyman service experts who can help with any project around your home.

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