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Considerations in Luxury Home Theatre Design

Adding a luxury home theatre to your home in Toronto offers you the chance to create an incredible space for enjoying films. Luxury home theatre design can be as impressive or understated as you might want, and you will find a tremendous range of options available to you. Knowing what those options are and how they work for you is important, though.

Seating and Room Construction

Whether you are building a new room for your home theatre or modifying an existing room in your home, you need to take some special considerations. One important thing you will need to have is soundproofing material – the walls and ceiling should have sound deadening material installed to ensure that the rest of your home remains quiet while your home theatre is in use.


During room construction, it’s best to go ahead and install your lighting. You can choose to install guide lamps in the floor, like a regular movie theatre, or you can opt for recessed ceiling lights or even decorative wall lamps that can add elegance and style to your theatre. Wall lamps are the best option if you are attempting to recreate a vintage or antique theme.


For a luxury home theatre, nothing but tiered seating will serve. Theatre seating on the market today is luxurious and comfortable, and you will find seats with cup holders, as well as those that offer leather upholstery and excellent lumbar support, as well as numerous adjustments for comfort. Make sure that the contactor you choose for construction can create a low-profile tier system so that those in the back rows can still see the screen properly.

Screen Options

High-end screens are available today that offer a brilliant picture and excellent colour quality. These are the best options to pair with high-end projectors.


Simply put, there is no better option for projectors than using a high-definition projector. This offers the clearest picture, the crispest colours and the best resolution available on the market today. You will find models that can be connected to your computer network, as well, which allows streaming of video files from a computer or server.

Sound System

You will need to invest in a high-end sound system for your home theatre. Ideally, you will want several mid-range speakers, as well as smaller speakers mounted in the rear. You’ll also need at least two subwoofers to carry the bass notes of the movie.

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