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Consumer Awareness Alert From Dave’s Duct Cleaning

What happens when local, reputable trades companies are the target of unscrupulous and malicious campaigns?

Today spoke with the founder of Dave’s Duct Cleaning to find out.

Consider today’s article a consumer education initiative and an exposé on some of the common telemarketing scams that are negatively affecting both local consumers and local businesses alike.

In other words, information that affects just about anyone reading this article.

So what’s this all about?

Unscrupulous companies are utilizing a method known as “robo calling” to reach out to, and essentially harass, people across North America.

Robo calling entails spoofing local numbers and illegally circumvents “Do Not Call” lists with excessive calls to randomly selected people. What’s worse is that these calls involve the impersonation of reputable companies and leads individuals to ultimately seek out these companies online and leave negative reviews.

In the age of google, you can only imagine how damaging that is to local businesses who have been targeted by these campaigns.

The end result is reputable, honest and long-serving businesses like Dave’s Duct Cleaning, and countless others, being left with a host of illegitimate negative online reviews and having to contact these individuals directly to explain they had nothing to do with the excessive calls they received.

What Can YOU Do About It?

If you have been a victim of robo calls and want to fight back to support the hard-earned reputations of local businesses, there are steps you can take to expose the companies involved in campaigns like these.

The first thing to realize is that successful trades do not rely on shady telemarketing tactics to gain business.  If you do receive numerous solicitations, and want to do something about it, you need to waste their time like they are wasting yours

If you feel comfortable and secure doing so, ask them to come out for a job, take a photograph of the license plate of the vehicle and report the plates to your local regulatory body whether that be the CRTC here at home or the FTC down in the USA.

The cumulative fines these companies will receive for their shady business practices will put them out of business and make it easier for consumers to find themselves in the capable hands of reputable trades people.

Final Thoughts

The duct cleaning industry can be a dirty one, with less scrupulous companies trying to secure their business of the backs of other more reputable organizations.

These companies prey on unsuspecting consumers and detract from successful local businesses, which means we all lose in the end.

If you are in the market for a reputable duct cleaner with a track record of getting the job right, put your faith in Dave’s Duct Cleaning, a GTA industry leader with a reputation for cleaning up the industry in more ways than one.


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