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Control the Moisture, Control the Mold

A quick way to monitor the Relative Humidity in your home is to purchase a hygrometer. Most hygrometers cost between $25-45 and can be moved from room to room to check the Relative Humidity.  From experience Relative

Humidity readings that go north of or exceed 57% will provide an environment in which mold could start to grow.

Mold can grow almost everywhere and on any substance providing moisture is present. Hence control the moisture control the mold.

Keep the relative humidity between 30% and 50%. To maintain this target the following actions may help:

·         Use the exhaust fan when showering.  The exhaust fans should operate for approximately 45 minutes following a shower to control moisture.
·         Vent bathroom exhaust ducts directly to the outside of the home.
·         Elevated humidity can be controlled with air conditioners and/or dehumidifiers.
·         Use exhaust fans when cooking, washing dishes, and laundering.
·         Insulate cold surfaces to prevent condensation on piping, windows, exterior walls, roofs, and floors where applicable.
·         Maintain the home furnace and air conditioning systems in good repair.
·         Remove any excess water or spills immediately (within 24-48 hours). Mold can grow within 24-48 hours if the moisture is not controlled.
·         Reduce the amount of water used when cleaning carpets as much as possible especially when steam cleaning.
·         Do not install carpet around fountains, sinks, bathtubs/showers or directly on top of concrete floors that are prone to leaks, wicking moisture or frequent condensation.

This article is brought to you by Greg from mri-mold. If you are having challenges controlling the moisture in your home or business call at 416-504-0333 and get help.  Remember control the moisture control the mold.

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