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Colin and Justin reveal what the best-dressed countertops will be wearing this season…

When it comes to updating your kitchen, costs can easily spiral as initially modest plans develop into full scale rejigs with wall removal and new cabinetry (not to mention plumbing and electrical matters) bashing your budget with all the force of a marauding Spanish bull.

In this regard, when reworking several client rooms at one time (on a set, overall budget) we, just like everyone else, have to balance our books and, if necessary, spend up on one room and down on another.

Let’s say, for example, we’re flushing a bathroom’s grizzly past to deliver a fresh new world for our paymasters’ pleasure.  Or installing new floors across an entire level.  Maybe naive client ambition has factored a new kitchen into that already constricted budget.  Short of banging our heads in frustrated battle, we’ll suggest a sequence of smaller ‘stop gap’ solutions until next year’s budget materializes.

Our short-term logic could be to keep cupboards but switch up hardwares.  Or we might suggest replacing dated counters and improving under cabinet lighting.  A jaunty blind in a popping accent tone?  Or a cute wee rug whose colour palette compliments existing tile. You know; a tweak here or a decorative tickle there.  Alternatively, we might suggest embellishing space with sparkling new accessories.  Or ‘successories’ as we like to call ‘em.

When shopping, think about form and function and how each new accessory will enhance the look of your kitchen counters.  We call this ‘counterscaping’: the subtle art of adding kitchen ‘jewelry’.  Just as a sparkly new broach can enliven a favourite blouse (or a gentleman’s tie pin a standard tie) so too will carefully chosen items (toasters, blenders, choppers etc) promote a fresh new aesthetic.  And if those items are as much about function as they are form, then hey: even better.

Which brings us neatly to the Homesense Prive Event, an exciting opportunity for those seeking smart design (and great prices) on coveted high-end small appliances.  The event launches September 15th with brand name gizmos retailing for considerably less than they would in other department stores.


So what can you expect?  Well, the debut collection features a treasure trove of covetable electrical goodies such as the tilt head stand mixer, featured, for $299.99, far less than the $410 price tag you’d expect elsewhere.  Or a commercial grade food blender at $449.00 that would typically retail at $600 in other stores.  And a super chic two slice toaster for $259.99 that’d cost around $325 in many outlets.  Or a fantastic high-end ‘one touch’ coffee maker to kick start every morning – especially when discounted from $420 to $299.99.


If, like us, you’re forever cleaning, the vacuums we’ve featured today will appeal.  The big brand autonomous ‘robot’ cleaner ($379.99) would normally retail at $480 while the ‘canister’ vacuum at $279.99 would typically sell for $400 in similar stores.  And these deals are just for starters, expect all manner of similarly discounted bargains to add serious kitchen sparkle.


Wandering the joyously laden aisles of Homesense at the best of times is, for us – and bargain lovers countrywide – a veritable treasure trail.  The ‘chase that deal and grab it before it’s gone’ logic is part of the fun and indeed the lure that sends us back in store over and over again.  Perhaps it’s the Scottish in us, but we LOVE a bargain.  And we’re prepared to hunt far and wide…to capture our game.

The Homesense Privé Event launches September 15 in the following Homesense locations: Ontario – Leaside Toronto, Mavis Mississauga, Newmarket and Queensway, Etobicoke, BC – Park Royal, Vancouver, Selected branches in Saskatoon, Quebec, Calgary and Edmonton.

About the Author: Colin and Justin are interior designers, style commentators, Hollywood celebrity interviewers and lifestyle gurus.

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