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Countryside Escape: Rustic Touches for the Home and House

As city dwellers yearn for the escape of country life and the elements associated with it, rustic design has made an incredible resurgence in homes, condos and houses across the country. Natural woods and weathered decor, partnered with modern materials can exclude the trendiness and style one seeks in their home, while still maintaining all the low-key elements of being in the outskirts of major metropolises; even if you are in the heart of downtown.

Pulling off the rustic look is tricky, but definitely possible. This aesthetic looks and feels right in larger homes or houses. This is due to many great rustic pieces being quite substantial in size.

A key element of rustic is solid, well-crafted wood that arrives in one piece; meaning spaces that can  accommodate tables, kitchen islands or wall units of majestic size is essential. However, if you seek rustic in small, tiny doses to give that country feel to your space, many of the ideas listed below can be implemented in any home. Remember, it’s all about finding the right blend of natural tones and earthy colors, and combining this with the beauty of nature by keeping the materials unstained or unvarnished.

Here are some of the best ways you can have the rustic look you’re after:

Hand Crafted Items

Evoking elements of the countryside and a time when furniture was built by hand is really important to capture elements of rustic. These days, it’s quite hard for items to be crafted by hand, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. However, furniture companies understand why this style is in vogue, and many do a phenomenal job of keeping the look and feel of hand-crafted items in mind, even when the items are manufactured. Imperfect quilts, baskets, frames, and other small items will give your home just the right amount of rugged accents it needs. Again, think of woods that have not been stained or varnished to give it that one of a kind look.

Simple Patterns

Keeping in mind that rustic is all about bringing your home back to a simpler time, you will rarely find complex patterns or materials used in this home decorating style. For your own home, think rather bold and simple plaids, stripes or muted solid colours that perfectly complement the calming attributes of nature, and make you feel like you’re miles away from the closest city.

Weathered Wood That Finds New Life

Many woods take on a weathered look and feel when it’s been exposed to the elements for a long period of time. This again is a key element of rustic design; wood that has endured the test of time. The most popular types of woods used to make rustic furniture is Aspen, Oak and Western Red Cedar. Think of these types of woods when redecorating. Remember, these lighter style woods speak rustic better than a Cherry Wood or a Black Walnut.

A simple trunk can add a beautiful natural accent to most rooms, while creating storage you might not already have.

A simple trunk can add a beautiful natural accent to most rooms, while creating storage you might not already have.

Accents Inspired by Nature

Materials that are naturally found in nature such as brass, silver, wood and wool can accentuate the rustic theme in your space. Lamps, frames, drawer handles, candle holders and door handles can all highlight the ruggedness of the theme. Remember, these are accents, so in order to work they still have to work with the bigger picture of the room. Silver will look much more rustic paired with off-white linens, or even small accents of burlap, than say polished glass or metallics. It’s all about having the right look and texture throughout the room.

A rustic key box serves as an excellent accessory

A rustic key box serves as an excellent accessory

Furniture Can Still Be Comfortable

Rustic decor is all about simplicity. Clean lines, uncomplicated textures and colors found in nature are popular ways to maintain this style. But, never think comfort must be sacrificed in order to accomplish this look successfully. Like any decor, adding pillows with plaids or solid colors can contribute to not only the accents in the room but also create comfort. Wool blankets also complement this nicely, all while encouraging warmth and relaxation.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside 

Our lives can sometimes feel as though they’re busy and hectic; this is why many people love the rustic look. It allows us to be closer to nature when we can’t necessarily get out into the wilderness as much as we like. It brings the best qualities of nature inside, creating tranquility, serenity and beauty in its simplicity.

Although rustic design fits into most homes, it especially feels most natural in the living and dining areas. Think table runners, candle holders, cloth napkins and centerpieces as examples of ways to conjure nature in your dining space. Nothing is better than incorporating these elements in the rooms you share with friends and family. After all, rustic is all about going back to the basics, and imagining a time when it was easier to be with the ones you love, without so much hustle. Rustic elements can bring this back, all while making your home cozy, comfortable and ready for it to be your oasis, and a throwback to simpler things.

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