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How to Create Your Dream Closet

We all want a closet that is beautiful and organized, but sometimes our closets become a dark, messy place filled to the brim with things we don’t need. Here are six simple steps to create the closet of your dreams, no matter what size space you’re working with.

Clean out your wardrobe

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The first step in creating your dream closet is making sure that you love everything you’re putting in it. Go through all your clothes and accessories and get rid of anything you don’t like or wear anymore, if you haven’t worn it in the last three months, get rid of it. Working with a smaller wardrobe makes organizing your space much easier, and creates room for new purchases.

Maximize your space

Most of us don’t have the elegant and enormous walk-in closets of our dreams, the reality is we’re short on space. To maximize storage space, make sure you are using every inch of your closet. Commonly unused spaces include behind doors and up high. Hang hooks behind your closet door for accessories such as scarves or purses and make sure your cabinets or shelves stretch up the entire length of the wall. Strategically place your items so the most-used or worn things are in the most easily-accessible spots.


Add Storage and Built-Ins

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Having proper storage and built-ins in your closet is the key to keeping yourself organized and maximizing space. When choosing storage, customize it to fit you, if you have a lot of dresses make sure there is ample room to hang them, or if you own a lot of shirts and sweaters make sure you install a lot of shelving. The accessibility and functionality of your storage is extremely important. Visibility is also important to take into consideration, can you see all your items? How many times have you found something in the back of your closet that you forgot you owned? Seeing your clothes means you’ll be more likely to wear them.


Create Space for Accessories:

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When we think about closets we think clothes, and often forget about accessories. Accessories are important, they complete your outfits and compliment your wardrobe, meaning they deserve a designated space in your closet. Whether it’s a drawer, hooks or an island, having an organized and visible space for your belts, bags, cufflinks and jewelry is crucial. Having a basket filled with a mixture of different items thrown in is not going to cut it. Make sure to incorporate accessory storage into your closet makeover plans.

Include Personal Touches

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Adding a few personal touches to your closet can make all the difference, taking it from an unorganized mess, to a happy clothing paradise. Although we don’t all have the space to incorporate luxurious seating or a vanity, there is still so much you can do to make your closet beautiful; such as, painting the walls your favourite colour, hanging up photographs or putting up a mirror. These simple changes will ensure that every time you open your closet door you’re greeted with a happy space that reflects your personality and style. Having a closet you love is only more incentive to keep it clean and organized.

Choose Proper Lighting

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Proper lighting is important in every room of your home, especially your closet. A bright closet can ease the stress of trying to pick out an outfit in the morning. With a well lit closet you can find your clothing and accessories quickly and easily. Lighting isn’t only important for finding an outfit, but for trying it on as well. Seeing what you look like and making sure you like your attire is equally as important.

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