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How to Create an at Home Coffee Bar

Hibernating season will be here before you know it. Time to infuse your home with some extra comfort to help you get through the chilly months ahead.

Nothing equals warm and cozy like a steaming cup cradled in your hands, so today, we’re going to inspire you to create a coffee nook at home that’s sure to give your favourite coffee house a run for its money.

The recent resurgence of home bars isn’t limited to alcohol. At home coffee bars are also becoming a welcome addition in household across North America. One part convenience, another part social hub, and another part style –adding one of these cozy nooks or fully stocked bars makes a great weekend home improvement project. Here’s what you’ll need to create a coffee nook at home.

Real Estate

No matter how large or small you want your new coffee nook to be, you’re going to need to carve out some space to set it up. This can be as little as a spot on your kitchen countertop or as large as an entire wall in your kitchen, family room, master bedroom, or elsewhere.

The Main Stage

If the coffee bar is going to exist on your kitchen counter, then you’re already set for a surface. If not, you’ll need to choose a piece of furniture that will host your hardware and supplies. This can be a moveable kitchen island, sideboard, custom cabinet, or even a vintage dresser.

The key is to ensure that you have enough room to display and store everything you want to include. Just want to display a coffeemaker and a few cups? Then a small surface will be plenty. However, if you want to house a coffee maker (or two), your kettle, some cups, mugs, coffee, tea, and more, then you’re going to need not only ample surface space, but storage as well.

A great way to make room for supplies is to choose a piece of furniture that has drawers or shelves. That way, you can house your hardware on top and neatly stash the coffee, spoons or other items.

Tools of the Trade

home coffee bar

Source: Breville

Creating an at-home coffee bar offers the perfect excuse to splurge on a new coffeemaker. Add to your offerings with an espresso machine or replace your main workhorse with a newer, faster, more advanced model. Since your coffeemaker is being promoted from supporting player to the star of its own show, the upgrade is definitely warranted.

If you presently only have a single-serve coffeemaker, try augmenting with a classic drip, percolator (some people swear by this method), French press, or pour over coffeemaker. You may find that your new social hub warrants different amounts and levels of brewing. So while your single-serve may do the trick during the weekday, your girls’ night in, dinner party, or game-night gathering will demand something with a higher capacity.

If you’re interested in taking your coffeemaking to the next level, purchase a line-in coffeemaker and have the water fed directly into your machine. Or hire a plumbing contractor to have a pot filler installed in the vicinity of your coffee nook. It’s a great look and the convenience is indispensable.


To truly turn your coffee bar into an all-in hotspot, you’ll need to stock it with everything you need to enjoy a great cup of joe. This means mugs, spoons, sweeteners, and other add-ins. Serving tea as well? Don’t forgot teapots and infusers. And don’t forget about the kids! Hot chocolate, marshmallows, sprinkes and fun flavours can turn your coffee bar into a favourite family destination.


Art, signage, tiered serving trays, etc. All of the best-looking coffee nooks incorporate décor to solidify the feeling that you’re in a dedicated space. Something as simple as giving the wall a coat of chalkboard paint and scrawling a simple message or favourite coffee drink recipe can really bring your space to life.

One of the biggest draws of the at-home coffee bar is that it’s a fun and relaxing social space. That means making it your own, and equipping it with all of the things that make you happy.


Featured Image Source: Simply Home

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