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Create A Special Dining Room Feeling For This Time Of year

The fall season is moving into full swing now, leaves are dropping by the second and the many holidays of Diwali, Krampushacht, Christmas, Hanukkah are upon us. It’s time to move our entertaining indoors and set the stage for your regaling nights. And what better place to host these grand feasts, but in your dining room. 

All year we have been on the go, making our “30 minute dinners” and on to the next task or activity. This is the time of year to slow down, enjoy the moment and spend a beautiful dinner with your family or friends.

If you ask any interior designer, they will tell you that dining rooms are the extension of the heart and soul of the house, where all the hard work and efforts of a great cook or chef, has created beautiful and delicious meals to be shared and enjoyed. They can take on a formal approach, bringing grand tradition, transitional, with a more relaxed atmosphere, or contemporary and eclectic vibe for those who like something less conventional. I am a firm believer in providing our clients with rooms that best suit their homes, personalities and aesthetics.

In this traditional open concept dining room setting, the furniture and the paint is classic. The beige colour of the walls provide a natural neutral base from which we could build upon for the rest of the room. Our client wanted this room to function as formal dining room, and still have the regular usage of a daily family kitchen and eating area. The extendable round dining table, with a pedestal base, is nicely assembled with an antique trestle table, with plenty of room to place a stunning floral arrangement or your display your silver tea set heirloom.

A silver dinnerware set for your dining room.

An extendable round dining table with a pedestal base comes with plenty of room to place a stunning floral arrangement or display your dinnerware.

With 10’ ceiling heights, the room is very spacious. The oversized piece of artwork makes a grand statement, but also provides balance and scale to the room. The dining chairs, standing tall and majestic, were reupholstered, Parson-style, with a wide banded trim in contrasting coloured woven fabrics.  Being sturdy and durable, tightly woven fabrics like this grey polyester/wool blend stands up to daily wear and tear, as well as giving good resistance to pilling, fading, wrinkling and soil.

To continue with the grandeur of the room, we customized the drapery with a two-tone soft sheer linen to diffuse the daylight, and yet still be transparent in the evening, letting the glow of the night moon and stars graze into the room. The crystal chandelier has just the right amount of weight and curves to keep the room pretty and delicate.

The kitchen area needed to be less formal, yet still be apart of the room, so the counter height stools were reupholstered in soft faux leather, making it easy to clean with younger kids, or just messy drips from the unmentionable adult. The island was also in need of some repair so we had our professional painters come in on site, slightly sand and re-stain it in dark chestnut, making it look like a piece of furniture, which added weight and balance to the large open concept. We encourage our clients to do this type of cabinetry contrast in order to break up the monotomy of painted cabinetry. In addition, this also eliminated the need to continuously touch up all those shoe and scuff marks under the counter ledge, that somehow seem to appear on a daily basis.

Dining room table with beautiful centre piece.

Dining rooms are the extension of the heart and soul of the house, where all the efforts of a great cook or chef has created beautiful meals to be shared and enjoyed.

Dining rooms should be a place of gathering and conversation, where the daily events can unfold, a discussion of an upcoming trip or event, a celebration of a birthday, anniversary or holiday, but sometimes its just nice to light a few candles, serve a delicious meal and spend some quality time together with your loved ones.  “I think you will agree the sign of a civilized society is a regular dining schedule.”

Dining By Design Tips:

  1. Dining room chandeliers should hang 60-66” above the floor
  2. Use dimmer switches on both your chandelier and pot lights. Wall sconces should also be on a low wattage to reduce the brightness, creating soft ambient lighting.
  3. Allow 12 inches between the seat of your chair and your tabletop.
  4. Leave 7 inches between the chair arm and the bottom or apron of the table.
  5. Provide each guest 24-30 inches at the dining table

Still require some professional help to get your dining room ready for the holidays? Be sure to use eieihome’s interior design & decor directory to find a local professional for the job. We’re sure you’ll dazzle your family during the holidays.

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