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How to create a stylish and kid-friendly home

If you think that a kid-friendly home can’t also incorporate pin-worthy style, we think that these 4 decor substitutions  will help to change your mind!

One comment that a lot of homeowners make about all of the gorgeous interiors shown on HGTV, in magazines and found on Pinterest is that while these rooms are beautiful, they aren’t practical for families with small children. Between grubby, little fingers, smelly sports gear and fear of bumps and breaks, the thought seems to be that stylish, kid-friendly interiors are simply not possible.

Here are four design substitutions that help incorporate high style with kid-friendly durability

White (or light-coloured) Couches

kid-friendly interior decor

Source: AKA Design

Over the last several seasons in interior decor, white, ecru and other very light-coloured couches have been at the centre of many living rooms designs. Popular design styles, from coastal to farmhouse and traditional like to incorporate these very clean, fair-hued sofas to anchor the room and also to use them as an innocuous backdrop for more colourful or patterned throw pillows and blankets.

Of course, as lovely as these couches are, a lot of people who live with small children (and sometimes even adult partners) are convinced that they can never have white couches, due to the potential mess.

The Solution: Slip Covers and Stain Proofing

The secret to having white or light-coloured couches in a busy, kid-friendly home is 1) to choose a slip-covered couch and 2) to opt for stain guard treatments. Ikea’s Ektorp line of sofas and sectionals is the darling of coastal and farmhouse enthusiasts for this very reason. The included slip covers are removable and washable. If you go one step further and have them treated with a stain guard, you’ll only have to spot clean when needed and then wash the clip covers occasionally. We’ve even heard about one busy mom who only needs to wash her slip covers every few months.

Beautiful Countertops

kid-friendly home

Source: Decorpad

As much as Canadian homeowners love the look of granite countertops, what people don’t always love is how high maintenance they can be. Granite has a reputation for being easily stained or chipped, which when you consider how much these countertops cost, makes them a big no-no for families with small children. However, that doesn’t mean that homes housing boisterous broods have to be relegated to ugly, builder-grade surfaces.

The Solution: Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops have become the darling of kitchen and bathroom design for a good reason. They’re beautiful, non-porous (which means spilled grape juice will not stain) and can stand up to anything a busy family has to throw at them. Because quartz countertops are 93% natural stone and 7% resin binder and colour, the stone is scratch-resistant and harder than granite or marble.

Note: If you have your heart set on granite countertops, you’ll be pleased to know that new sealants are making them non-porous and much easier to clean.

Hardwood Flooring

kid-friendly home

Source: Fresh Home

Hardwood flooring is another item that many homeowners believe they cannot have. Whether due the presence of kids, pets or both, there is the fear that hardwood won’t be able to stand up to their lifestyle. Unfortunately, this is pretty much true. Even the hardest of hardwoods can be susceptible to the scratches and dents that often go hand in hand with busy households.

The Solution: Wood-look Tiles

Wood-look porcelain tiles will let you enjoy the beauty of hardwood flooring, but with the strength and durability of tile. They are tough, moisture resistant and very easy to maintain.

These tiles are available in a vast array of colours and patterns that accurately mimic the look of different wood species. You can even find tiles that have been textured to take on the look and feel of distressed flooring, such as hand scraped and wire brushed.


Beautifully Uncluttered Living Rooms

kid-friendly home

Source: Ana White

This last “item” may seem as mythical as a unicorn, but believe it or not, you really can have kids and an uncluttered living room at the same time.

The Solution: Secret Storage

Rather than interrupting your living room’s design with a cartoon character themed toy box, opt for stylish storage pieces that work with your room. Try incorporating a console table or a bench fitted with storage baskets, a coffee table that hides a secret toy box.

Ask about creating a stylish, kid-friendly home

If you need help creating a style, yet kid-friendly home, be sure to visit the interior design and decor listings here on There you’ll find local interior design pros and Canadian furniture stores to help you achieve high style with low risk.

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