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Creating an Hypoallergenic Bedroom

Maybe you’re dealing with an allergy or asthma problem and are looking for ways to create a safer environment. Maybe you’re simply looking to create a more respiratory-friendly space. Whatever your motivation, creating a hypoallergenic room is much simpler than it sounds.

Don’t worry: You don’t need to cultivate a completely sterile environment for this to happen. Consider a few simple suggestions and make changes according to your lifestyle and your particular needs, and you’ll be able to breathe a nice, long, allergen-free sigh of relief.

About That Bedding

It’s not the most pleasant of thoughts, but the truth is you sweat and shed skin cells when you’re in bed. It’s that very environment that attracts dust mites — a major cause of allergies and asthma. These mites feed on dead skin and make a bee-line for your bedding unless you do something to prevent it. Fortunately, this is an easy case to solve.

When choosing mattresses, sheets and pillows, look for products marked “hypoallergenic.” Certain materials such as natural latex naturally resist dust mites, so you’re in better shape from the get-go. If you’re a fan of down or feather pillows, test out some synthetic “down alternative” pillows instead. Many newer varieties mimic the feeling of feathers, but with the added bonus of resisting dust mites.

Also remember to use covers for your pillows and your mattress to keep dust mites out. Check out soft pillow covers (don’t worry: plastic is not necessary)  as well as mattress covers. If possible, cover pillows and mattresses when they’re brand new, but remember … better late than never!

Regardless of the surefire methods you’re using to keep your bedroom in a hypoallergenic state, the key to maintaining this sanctuary is consistently washing your bedding. No matter what you have on your bed, wash your sheets and pillowcases once a week for a clean space that deters unwanted visitors.

Cleaning the Air

This is simpler than you may imagine. For the higher-end, technology-based approach, consider bringing an air purifier into your space. Just make sure it’s an allergy- and asthma-safe purifier that does not emit ozone back into your room or you may end up in a worse condition than the way you started.

The green approach is as simple as it sounds: bring houseplants into your bedroom. Not too pricey and beautiful to look at, houseplants are natural air purifiers and don’t result in any pesky side-effects.

Decorating has its impacts, too. If you plan on painting any time soon, you’ll want to choose VOC-free paint as these “volatile organic compounds” are known to trigger allergies.

Another culprit in creating airborne allergens is carpeting. If you already have carpet, vacuum it once a week with a vacuum that includes a HEPA filter. Your best bet, however, is to remove that carpet or to avoid laying carpet at all – the fibers collect allergens and skin cells which make your allergies go crazy.

Remove the Scented Accessories

All of those beautifully scented things that you’ve collected to make your space smell amazing — those can cause you a lot of grief. Whether it’s a room deodorizer, scented candles, sachets or potpourri, removing them from your room makes a big difference. “Even if the candles aren’t lit?” you might ask. The answer is always “yes” if it’s scented. Replace candles with flameless candles instead, to avoid both scent and irritating smoke.

You spend a lot of time in your bedroom — even if the majority of your time is spent sleeping, that can amount to one-third or more of your entire day, so having a space free of allergens and irritants is ideal.  When you’re ready to give your lungs and your body the break they deserve, having a veritable breathing sanctuary waiting for you means you’ll always be able to escape those pollutants and irritants of the day for an environment in which you can truly breathe easy and allow your body to rejuvenate.

By Tarah Damask

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