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Curate or Decorate?

To create the most amazing rooms, we aim to ‘curate spaces’ as oppose to decorating them. What’s the difference between a curated space and a decorated space you ask? Let me try to explain. Technically curate, as a modern term, was used by the art world when one was selecting pieces to be part of a museum exhibition or an art show. Today though, the greatest interior designers select with a curators eye and integrity, pieces that can all support each other in a room but do not all come from the same collection or catalogue. They don’t and shouldn’t appear to match or be part of a ‘set’ but seamlessly they work together.

We look at a finished room as an art installation; every chair, sofa, pillow, carpet, accessory, and piece of art as a whole collection- as opposed to thinking about paintings as only the art in the room. A great piece of art should evoke emotion and therefore a room should do that as well. A space may even evoke multiple layers of emotion, it may comfort you in a relaxing seating vignette and in another corner, make you laugh with whimsical art or joyful family photos. A room may energize or it may soothe. The items that have been curated by the designer for the space have been specifically chosen to evoke specific emotions. Anyone can fill a room with pretty things but can you make the room ‘speak to you on a deeper level?’ This is what the great designers of our time now strive to do.

Curated spaces are global spaces, as the world is now only a click away, we expect to see elements of other cultures in our rooms, whether we’ve travelled there or not. We also expect to see modern, vintage, heirloom and antique pieces all at home together. We are excited visually by the clean, straight lines of a modern sofa sitting next to an ornate end table, just as we love a room to be home to both feminine and masculine elements. Curated rooms are very tactile and textures play just as important of a role as colour and pattern does. In fact, one could even say that texture is more important than the latter. It is not easy to achieve a well-curated room, so this is probably a good pitch to consider hiring a superstar designer to help you achieve the most coveted curated rooms for you and your family’s home.

This week, browse some of your pinned rooms or flip through the pages of your favorite shelter magazine and analyze the rooms that you are most drawn to. See how they are global and highly textural. Aim to replicate and don’t be afraid to give your favorite design team a call to help you achieve the perfect curated room. Live fabulous!

Author: Cheryll Gillespie

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