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Curb appeal clean up hacks

The warmer weather is officially here! That means cleaning up the garden, getting your lawn under control, and findung ways to inject interest into your home’s first impression.

Of course, spring and summer are also about enjoying yourself and spending time with family and friends. So, here are some quick and easy curb appeal clean-up hacks to help you improve your home’s first impression without having to sacrifice too much rest and relaxation.

Give Your Lawn a Healthy Boost

If your lawn isn’t greening up the way you’d like, give it a quick boost with some chelated iron. According to Canadian gardening expert Mark Cullen, chelated iron will turn your lawn green faster than anything else.

CIL Golfgreen Iron Plus lawn fertilizer is an excellent way to infuse your lawn with the boost of nutrients it needs. It has been specially formulated to get your lawn greener, faster. In fact, it promises visible results within 72 hours!

Container Gardening

Add instant colour to your front porch (and backyard) with container gardening. Go out and grab a couple of eye-catching containers from your local garden centre, along with some easy-care greenery or flowers, and set them out for a quick jolt of interest. Planting in containers offers the pleasing results of gardening without the ours of toil that can come with a traditional garden.

Trim your Trees and Shrubs

Tidying up the trees and shrubs is an easy way to give your home’s exterior a more manicured look. As long as you don’t have any specifically sculpted shrubbery, keeping things tidy doesn’t take nearly as long as you might think.

Edit Your Accessories

While adding vibrant outdoor furniture and other décor pieces that really liven up your home’s first impression, presenting too many accessories, or accessories that look dated or worn can also detract from its curb appeal.

Before you drag out the old dog and wishing well statuettes, or those twirling wind chimes that were acquired on impulse a few years back, take a moment to decide if they help your home put its best foot forward.

Update your exterior lights

Proper home exterior lighting not only keeps your home safer, but it also adds to the overall appeal at night.  Pathway lighting guides guests charmingly toward your front door, and you can use spotlights to highlight gardens. Soffit lighting is a great way to add security, while also highlighting the beauty of the house itself.

Clean Up your Car

Did you know that if you park your vehicle in the driveway rather than in the garage, you automatically make your car a part of your home’s curb appeal. This means keeping it looking great is even more important.

Thankfully, that doesn’t mean you need to do a full wash and wax on a daily basis. It just means ensuring that it isn’t noticeably cluttered on the inside, or covered in dirt and any other foul substances.

A great way to keep your car looking its best is with wash and wax wipes from ArmorAll. ArmorAll Wash Wipes are an easy waterless way to keep your car’s exterior clean. They can be used for touch ups, or even for cleaning an entire car.

Once your car is clean, protect it while you amp up the shine, using ArmorAll Wax Wipes. The wax is applied in a single step, with no waiting and no buffing. Armor All Wax Wipes can help you keep your car looking its best. Something that’s especially important when your car is part of your home’s curb appeal.

 Win a Total Car Care Gift Pack from ArmorAll and

ArmorAll and want to help you keep your car looking its best, by giving away a total car care gift pack. This gift pack contains everything you need to give your car that showroom shine, we all love.

This pack includes:

  • Armor All Original
  • Wash Wipes
  • Wax Wipes
  • Spray Wax
  • Spray Detailer
  • Air Freshening Protectant Wipes
  • Rim Cleaner
  • Tire Foam
  • Wash and Wax
  • Washing Bucket

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